Princess Diana interview will never be aired again says BBC boss

The interview between Martin Bashir and Diana will never be shown again, according to the director general of the BBC.

A report this week found that the interview was secured by deception – including forged documents – 26 years ago.

When asked if Martin Bashir’s interview with the Princess of Wales will be re-broadcast, BBC Director General Tim Davie said: “I have no intention of ever re-airing the interview.”

When he insisted that he never mean any aspect of it, he told Radio 4’s Today program, “I think we need to discuss clips and think about them.”

Mr Davie added, “In my opinion, you cannot now view this interview free from the context in which it was saved.”

He said any use of clips should be considered in this context.

Mr Davie was asked if the BBC accepted that there was a direct link between the forged documents, what Martin Bashir did, and Diana’s death.

He told Radio 4’s Today program, “I think we fully accept the Dyson report. Furthermore, I think Justin (Webb) we are speculating and here I am. “

Mr Davie was told to say he would not accept a direct link and he said, “I have no evidence of this, Justin. It’s that simple. It’s not about rejecting it.

“It just so happens that I am being driven by the evidence in the Dyson Report. And I think that’s a fair read of what I have before me.”

Mr Davie said there were three reasons he accepted Martin Bashir’s resignation and told Radio 4’s Today program, “Martin Bashir offered to resign before we saw the Dyson report. I think there were three reasons why I accepted the resignation.

“The first was that there were very significant health care issues which, as you know, are a factor in relation to Martin Bashir as an employee, whatever the situation.

“The second is that it was possible to have a clean break with no payout, which I believe was in the interest of the royalty payers to make sure there was a clean process.

“The third was that we didn’t have to hold back to find out the truth. This was not an honorable discharge. “


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