Princess Diana's secret about Prince Charles when she was aged just 13

The late Princess Diana’s first cousin has spoken about her relative for the first time since her death – revealing that she had a crush on Prince Charles.

Diana Macfarlane, who attended West Heath Girl’s School in Kent with Princess Diana, said her cousin had photos of the king in her bed when she was only 13 years old.

They would later get married in one of the greatest weddings in history.

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In a new 90 minute ITV special documentary about the Princess, Diana Macfarlane said, “Diana and I were both at West Heath together.

“She loved a love story. Life in the dormitory, you all had your bed and bedside table and hanging cupboards.

“Everyone loved having their photos on the bedside table. We all used to have pictures of the star we liked.

“I can tell you that at West Heath she had photos of Prince Charles around her bed.

“She had a crush on him for a long time from a schoolgirl.”

Diana Macfarlane also paid tribute to her late cousin, whose 60th birthday would have been July 1st.

She said, “She was full of life, great fun, loved giggling, wicked humor.

“I think we always thought that afterward you could get away with something naughty that looked angelic.”

Ms. Macfarlane was three years older than Diana and spent much of her childhood with her cousin.

Mrs. Macfarlane’s parents are Christopher Baldwin Hughes Wake-Walker and Lady Diana Spencer, a paternal aunt of Princess Diana.

Diana at Sixty the documentary will be available on ITV Hub.


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