Pro-surfer filmed saving drowning woman stuck between sharp rocks and huge waves

A pro surfer has been dubbed a “living legend” after saving a woman from raging waves.

Mikey Wright was caught on video when he noticed a woman was being swept away in the ocean by Hawaii.

In an Instagram video that the 24-year-old first shot, beach goers can be seen trying to save the person from the surf.

As the waves continue to collapse, Mikey can be heard saying that the swimmer “needs to be rescued”.

“You can’t save him,” someone else says in the videos before Mikey hands over his cell phone and hops over the fence to run into the ocean.

In a second clip, Mikey can be seen jumping into the water and swimming to the person who is stuck in the swell.

He manages to get to them while big waves hit them both.

The power of the waves is clear when the two are thrown several meters forward on the way to the shore.

At the end of the clip, the other beachgoers can be seen helping Mikey pull the swimmer out of the water safely.

“Hold my beer,” Mikey labeled the hero clip.

After drying himself off, the Australian explained that he had been sitting in his garden when he saw a person he later realized was a woman being torn from their feet.

Mikey managed to help her into the shallows

He remembered jumping into the water and telling the woman not to go too straight to avoid the sharp rocks on that part of the beach.

“As soon as I got to her I said, ‘Hey, we’ll be fine, you’re fine, we’ll get on,'” he said BBC News.

After Mikey was warned that a big wave was coming for his sister, he picked the woman up to get her to shore faster.

“To see how grateful she was to see her son running down the beach at the time, he just clung to me and hugged me over and over,” Mikey said.

The surfers gathered around the woman when she got to the beach

“He said ‘you saved my mother, I thought she was gone’.”

Mikey said he and the woman had scratches but were otherwise unharmed.

According to CBS Sports, Mikey and his sister Tyler were in Hawaii to compete in the Pipeline Masters, in which Mikey finished 17th for the men’s division and his sister took first place for the women’s division.

“You’re a living legend,” said Hawaiian surfer Ezekiel Lau on Instagram.


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