Progressive Kara Eastman Is Pulling Ahead in Omaha’s Bellwether Congressional District


Joe Biden is on the rise in the polls, and his campaign seeks to raise Democratic electoral college numbers in unexpected places – like Omaha.

Political junkies know that Nebraska is one of two states – the other is Maine – that allocate voters for president based on district voting, not based on a statewide vote. That distinction has turned the Omaha-based Second Congressional District into a presidential battlefield and a leitmotif for the nationwide campaign of progressive Democrats to build their power in Congress by flipping important seats in the US House of Representatives.

Nebraska is a historic Republican stronghold, and Trump still leads the country. But when the wheels of the president’s re-election campaign break loose, at least some Nebraska Republicans distance themselves from a president, Senator Ben Sasse torn this week as political liability that has “flirted with white supremacists“And their family” has been treated like a business opportunity by the Presidency. “

Sasse is a cynical political actor who positions himself for what he envisions to redefine the GOP after the elections. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t rightly recognize that Trump’s “stupid political obsessions” are alienating voters this election season. Or when he observes:

If young people become permanent Democrats because they have just been rejected by obsession with our politics, or if women who were ready to vote with the Republican Party in 2016, decide to turn away from that party permanently in the future The debate will not be, you know, “Ben Sasse, why were you so mean to Donald Trump?” It will read, “What the hell did any of us think it was a good idea to sell a television-obsessed narcissistic person to the American people?” That’s not a good idea.

If a Trump derailment in November causes a “Republican carnage,” as Sasse suggests, the best measure for it could be in Nebraska-2.

A New Congressional Progressive Caucus Poll out of the district, Biden has 53-42 lead while a new one New York Times/ Poll at Siena College put him 48-41. FiveThirtyEight, the political forecasting website, says now, “Biden is prefers to win Nebraska’s 2nd District. “



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