Proposal: Armie Hammer leaves Godfather series

Actor Armie Hammer from Call Me By Your Name is no longer part of Paramount +’s The Godfather series, The Offer. Hammer was cast as the lead of the 10-part behind-the-scenes project of the 1972 film.

The departure came after controversial claims about the actor surfaced on the internet. The charges related to filthy content messages sent to various women on social media were filed through an Instagram account.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Hammer had left the production of his romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding, which would play alongside Jennifer Lopez.

The reports, confirmed by some of his ex-girlfriends, were rebuked by the actor, who did not respond to the allegations.

The Offer: Read more about the series that tells the backstage of The Godfather
The offer was made on behalf of Paramount’s streaming service, Paramount +, which will arrive in Latin America in 2021.

The production is a behind-the-scenes miniseries of the 1972 Oscar-winning film The Godfather.

The character played by Armie Hammer is Al Ruddy, a producer who worked on the classic with Francis Ford Coppola. However, it remains to be seen who will replace the actor in the project.

The series is produced by Michael Tolkin (Escape at Dannemora) and has Ruddy himself on the team as an executive producer.

In addition, the plot promises to report the difficulties facing the film’s production, such as conflicts with the Italian-American community and the attempt to convince actor Marlon Brando to participate in the film.

The offering is the first original project of streaming Paramount +, the new version of CBS All Access, and will reach the public in 2021.

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