Prosecutor plans to seek death penalty in spa shootings

Georgia’s new law on hate crimes does not provide for a separate hate crime. After a person is convicted of an underlying crime, a jury must determine if it is a hate crime for which an additional sentence is imposed.

The prosecution charges Long with four murders, four murders, five assaults with a deadly weapon, four possession counts of a firearm while in the commission of a crime, and one domestic terrorism, according to online records.

The domestic terrorism charge states that Long committed a number of illegal acts, “linked by distinctive features, with the intent to cause serious bodily harm and to kill individuals and groups of individuals, and with the intent to do this to the civilian population.” State and its political subdivisions. “

Four of the serious physical injuries have to do with the shooting of the four deceased victims. For the fifth time, the indictment states that Long aimed a gun at another woman, which led to her “reasonable fear of immediate violent injury.” The letter of intent to bring hate crime charges states that she has been targeted on the basis of her real or perceived gender and gender.

It is up to a separate Cherokee County grand jury to rule on the charges in the shooting at a spa near the suburb of Woodstock that killed four people and wounded one person.

Willis’ decision to seek the death penalty is a departure from her stance during her campaign as district attorney last year.

During a candidate forum last year, Willis replied yes when asked, “Are you going to pledge to oppose the death penalty?”

The killings are eligible for the death penalty as each was committed while Long committed another capital offense, namely the killing of the victims, the memorandum of understanding reads. Each murder was also “outrageous or willfully mean, terrible or inhuman in that it entailed depravity of the spirit” and was committed during an act of domestic terrorism, the statement said.

Police said Long shot four people, three of whom were women and two of Asian descent, to death just before 5 p.m. at the Youngs Asian Massage near Woodstock. on March 16. He also shot and wounded a fifth person, investigators said.

He then drove about 50 kilometers south to Atlanta, where he shot three women at the Gold Spa before crossing the street to the Aromatherapy Spa and fatally shooting another woman, police said. All of the victims in Atlanta were women of Asian descent.

After the shootings at the two Atlanta spas, Long got back in his car and drove south on the interstate, police said.

Long’s parents called authorities to help after they recognized their son in stills from security videos posted on social media by the Cherokee County sheriff’s office. They provided cell phone information that authorities could use to track her son in rural Crisp County, about 225 kilometers south of Atlanta.

State troops and sheriff’s MPs spotted his SUV on Interstate 75, and one of them forced Long to come to a halt by bumping into his vehicle. Long then handed over to the authorities.

In an initial interview with investigators, Long claimed to have a “sex addiction” and authorities said he appeared to have acted against companies he viewed as tempting. But these statements were encouraging Outrage and widespread skepticism Given the locations and the fact that six of the eight victims were women of Asian descent.

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