PS5 and Xbox Series X Code Stolen From AMD and Briefly Put on Github

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Yesterday AMD has made a statement Stolen over IP in December 2019, but details of what was stolen or who stole it were scarce. Now AMD has filed multiple Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) removal requests against GitHub to remove the website’s GPU source code, which GitHub immediately complied with.

According to Torrentfreak, the company released its first DMCA removal notice to GitHub yesterday after discovering that an unknown person allegedly hacked AMD’s systems remotely, found the source code for its Navi 10 and Navi 21 GPUs and then placed on GitHub. This would also include proprietary information for its RDNA2-powered GPUs in the upcoming Xbox Series X and PS5.

TorrentFreak spoke to the hacker, who claimed the information was worth $ 100 million. In the original GitHub post, the hacker stated that they were looking for someone to buy the information for the same price, but if they didn’t find a buyer, they would leak the information. This was repeated to TorrentFreak: “If I don’t get a buyer, I just leak everything.” AMD appears to have made DMCA requests to remove the code four locations totally on GitHub.

“The source code was unexpectedly obtained from an unprotected computer // server through a number of exploits. Later I discovered the files in it. They weren’t even properly protected or even encrypted with something just sad, ” said the hacker. “I haven’t talked to AMD about it because I’m pretty sure that instead of accepting their mistake and moving on, they’ll try to sue me. So why not just leak everyone?”

The code is also reportedly still hosted by other sources.

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