PS5; Everything you need to know about PlayStation

PS5; Everything you need to know about PlayStation

The new Sony console comes with a series of improvements that will be critical to our free time for years to come.

PlayStation 5 is here and with it is Sony’s new bet to further develop its family of consoles, which have been stirring up such fond memories among generations of players. The console will land in Spain on November 19, completing a global launch in key global markets. But what does this new machine contribute?

Power and agility

One of the most important innovations in the technological leap is an ultra-fast SSD with internal memory. No more waiting for the game to load to launch, our games will launch quickly at the touch of a button, without the traditional loading screen that we’d naturally made for years. The whole experience is designed to make the most of our time with her so that we know that when we sit on the couch we will immediately enjoy our favorite game during the time when our daily tasks leave us.

In addition, the technological leap over PS4 will allow much more detailed games, with better resolutions, smoother and with larger worlds. PS5 strives for on- and off-screen immersion with a new 3D audio technology that allows us to clearly identify where the sounds we hear are coming from; and with a new controller, the DualSense, whose haptic vibration system and speaker allow us to “feel” the surfaces we step on and the tension of the trigger of the weapon we are carrying.


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