PS5: Pulse 3D Helmets Will Receive A Midnight Black Version With Galactic-Themed Colors

PS5: The official console headphones use the Audio 3D Tempest technology and come in a color other than white. The Midnight Black collection started with the DualSense controller, which introduced this color range alongside the Cosmic Red. Now Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced on the official PlayStation blog that the PS5 Pulse 3D helmets will join this family in October. “Built in galaxy-themed colors, we announced the DualSense in June. I’m happy to share that Pulse 3D helmets will also be getting a new color, Midnight Black,” PlayStation’s Isabelle Tomatis posted.

Tomatis has emphasized that this new color will follow the same color pattern as the DualSense Midnight Black, with two different types of shades in black. The launch is scheduled for next month in select stores.

“While all PS5 Compatible headsets can be used to experience 3D audio with PlayStation 5 games, Pulse 3D headsets are specifically designed to take full advantage of Tempest 3D audio technology,” she said. She states that they are introducing a well-tuned response frequency “to help players pinpoint sounds to exact locations more accurately,” so that it’s in sync with what’s happening in the gameplay itself.

The new update introduces new features for helmets

in the new PS5 firmware update, which is now available, they add a new system to control the equalization of Pulse 3D helmets. Players can also use three presets or create their own.

With the new patch, Sony has opened the doors for the speakers integrated into televisions or monitors to also take advantage of three-dimensional audio. On the other hand, one of the main changes is that it is now possible to expand the internal memory with the installation of an additional SSD drive, not to mention the changes in the interface. All information in this link.

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