PS5 receives A New Firmware Update That Fixes A DualSense Bug

PS5: Sony releases a new version of the PlayStation 5 firmware that improves performance and fixes several bugs, including the battery indicator on the controller. Sony released a new firmware update for today June 9, 2021 for 2021 PS5; it is version 21.01-03.20.00 which, with a size of 902 MB, is now available for download for all users of the new generation PlayStation console. As noted by Sony, this new update “improves system performance”, although according to various media outlets and console user forums, a bug related to the DualSense battery indicator has been corrected.

New version of PS5 firmware now available

And this new update is accompanied by a patch especially for DualSense via a notification from the console itself after the update is completed; To update the remote, we need to connect the DualSense to the console with the USB cable and wait a while for the update to finish. This advice would make sense to the information previously shared about the battery indicator bug, as noted by the VGC media.

As usual in the various PS5 updates, if there is an error or setback when downloading or installing the new firmware, just go to Downloads – Loads in the control center, select the latest firmware update, go to the View Error Information section and click Retry to fix it try to update again. If this system fails again, you can always download the update file to a USB stick or pendrive from the official PlayStation support page and restart the update from that support on PlayStation 5.

Remember that in April PS5 has been updated with numerous improvements, including the emulation of the DualShock 4’s vibration in the DualSense when playing PS4 video games on PS5.

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