PS5: So are the controls of the new PS VR of PlayStation

PlayStation is sharing the first details of the next generation PS VR controller on PS5. Take advantage of the technologies that you will find in DualSense, among others.

PlayStation is surprisingly unveiling the next generation controller that will accompany PS5’s virtual reality device. In this way, the company is leaving the PlayStation Move lighting solution behind to reach the standard of functionality of its main competitors, Oculus and Valve.

These are the PS5 virtual reality controls: keys

As we can see in the images accompanying the announcement, the control presents the DualSense’s button and stick distribution, as well as an additional button on each handle as a grip (like the one presented in Oculus Touch). The similarities to the Dualshock 4’s successor don’t end there, and it’s that it will also leverage its two main technologies: adaptive triggers and habitat feedback.

The circular design responds to the tracking functions that will complement the new virtual reality device. While no details about the visor have been shared, the fact that the helmet detects the pair’s movement indicates that the tracking will be in-out, that is, through a series of cameras integrated into the chassis, which increases the mobility and precision allows beyond the sight to date. Other devices such as Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest are already using it. What position would the HD camera be in? Until now we don’t know. On the other hand, the remote itself can detect the thumb, index and middle fingers before pressing the buttons you would use with it.

“SIE’s product, engineering and design teams have worked together to create the new virtual reality controller from scratch with the goal of making a quantum leap from the gaming experience of the current generation of VR,” the company explains. in a special post on the PlayStation blog. . They point out that the controller prototypes will be arriving “very soon” to the developer community, which will start working on projects dedicated to the next generation of PlayStation VR on PS5.

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