Psychedelics 'helped start Extinction Rebellion' says founder

The co-founder of Extinction Rebellion said a psychedelic drug concoction that commonly causes people to suffer from diarrhea and vomiting played a key role in starting the global environmental movement.

Dr. Gail Bradbrook announced that her visit to a retreat in Costa Rica – where she consumed ayahuasca and iboga – was “part of the birth of the movement in my view.”

Ayahuasca is a psychoactive brew that combines two plants that have been used by shamans in the Amazon for centuries, while iboga is a rainforest shrub native to West Africa that also has potent psychoactive effects.

Speak with The independent oneDr. Bradbrook said, “The enduring experiences of people working with psychedelics are that they connect to something bigger than themselves.

“There is at least some science of consciousness that suggests that it is larger than – not an emergent property of the brain – something that is some kind of primary tissue of the universe.”

London Mayor’s candidate Brian Rose, an American-born former banker who now runs the London Reel podcast channel, also said that taking “herbal medicine” ayehuasca helped him “reconnect with the world.” to see that by destroying the planet we are destroying ourselves. ” “.

In 2019, Dr. Bradbrook to BBC Inside Out West: “I’ve focused on starting civil disobedience since 2010 and I’ve tried many things and they haven’t worked. So I withdrew and prayed in a deep path with some psychedelic medication.

“It was a very intense experience and I actually prayed for what I called the codes for social change. I thought there must be something I don’t understand and within a month my prayer was literally answered.”

In her interview with The independent oneDr. Bradbrook suggested that quantum mechanics – theoretical physics that seeks to explain the properties of nature on the scale of atoms and subatomic particles – could also explain their psychedelic experiences.

She cited the work of the quantum physicist David Bohm, who postulated that the traditionally separate understanding of the mental and physical world was insufficient.

Ayahuasca contains DMT, a chemical known as “Sprit Molecule” because it changes human consciousness and creates experiences that have been likened to a spiritual awakening.

DMT is a naturally occurring tryptamine that is produced by the human body and is found in many plants and animals. However, it is a Class A drug and it is illegal to distribute or possess it.

Its role in the human body is unknown, but the intense visions DMT creates have been compared to near-death experiences.

And researchers – who say it helps reset the brain and using it to treat depression for the first time – say it has the potential to provide longer-term symptom relief than antidepressants when used in a therapeutic setting .

Small Pharma, the company conducting the study, said, “The fact that DMT is produced endogenously in the brain gives confidence that DMT is safe.

“We believe the effects are almost immediate and last longer than traditional antidepressants.”

Another recent study found that psilocybin, the psychedelic found in magic mushrooms, outperformed one of the leading treatments for depression.

Psilocybin is a naturally occurring type of DMT that is active when taken orally. DMT usually has no effect if swallowed. The ayahuasca brew works because it contains a plant that is rich in a monoamine oxidase inhibitor. This chemical prevents the body from producing an enzyme that breaks down DMT in the stomach and prevents it from entering the bloodstream.


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