Pub landlady commissions self-portrait made entirely out of Yorkshire puddings

A pub landlady commissions a unique work of art to be created in her honor.

Jamie Wilson, who runs the Heathfield Farm pub and carvery in Birkenshaw, had the artwork created to promote a new flavorful Yorkshire pud.

The new Sunday roast filling is flavored with Tabasco sauce, for that extra kick, Yorkshire Live Reports.

These flavorful puds are available to accompany your roast and vegetables at Farmhouse Inns October 18-31.

You can have a regular Yorkshire instead if a Tabasco sauce-infused pud sounds like heresy to you.

The pudding portrait was created by artist Nathan Wyburn, who creates artwork from everyday household items and food.

It was commissioned by stars like Madonna, Prince Charles, Catherine Zeta-Jones and The Jacksons.

Jamie, Heathfield Farm General Manager, said, “Yorkshire puddings are an integral part of any meat buffet, and our new Tabasco sauce flavored meat dishes add a great touch that compliments our best meatballs.

“I love her so much that I just had to have a symbol of my passion for Yorkshire pudding hanging proudly on Heathfield Farm. Hopefully it will encourage my regulars to try them out. “

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