Home Tech PUBG Mobile tournament broke a record!

PUBG Mobile tournament broke a record!

PUBG Mobile tournament broke a record!

As you know, PUBG Mobile was released earlier this month with a new mode called The Ancient Secret. Players liked the mystery about the details of this mod. PUBG Mobile World League started on 10 July 2020. This tournament, which was completed on the 9th of August, was thrilled with a prize pool of 850 thousand dollars. So how many people watched the PUBG Mobile tournament?

PUBG Mobile World League reaches record viewers

PUBG Mobile, one of the most played mobile games in the world, has also broken a record with the mobile tournament that has been going on since last month. Within the scope of the PUBG Mobile tournament, which played to the top with more than a million viewers, the teams were divided into east and west, as usual, and 20 teams competed with each other in each of these groups.

Despite being a digital event due to the Corona virus, esports managed to break the audience records. How many people watched the PUBG Mobile tournament? Esports Charts figures reveal the answer to the question. According to the numbers, 1.1 million viewers were reached in the Erangel match with four days to the final. The average number of viewers for the eastern part was 393,766.

These numbers are important because it is the first time that any PUBG Mobile esports tournament has surpassed a million viewers. This is notable for being a record. Again, according to Esports Charts, the highest viewer ratio increased by about 120 percent compared to last year, while the average audience saw an increase of 118 percent.



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