Pubgoers left furious after bookings cancelled due to Prince William visit

The pubs weren’t happy after their bookings were canceled to make way for Prince William.

The Cold Town House in Edinburgh announced that “essential maintenance” was being done and advised customers that they could no longer attend.

The Prince of Cambridge visited the pub to watch the final between Hibernian and St. Johnstone with key workers on Saturday.

The event turned out to be by invitation only, but the pub insists it was done for “national security” reasons.

But the punters still weren’t happy. reports the daily record.

A downcast customer said she would not book again after the true nature of the closure was revealed

She added, “We were lied to, I was just so disappointed.

“They could have used an excuse other than ‘essential maintenance’, they didn’t even have to say the prince was coming.

“It’s just pretty shocking. I won’t be booking again.”

The bar was also accused of deleting or hiding social media comments complaining about the cancellations.

The Duke was accompanied by the wife and Duchess of Cambridge, 39, on the visit to Scotland, which included a reunion at their former university in Fife.

The couple attended a music project in the capital on Monday and will also host other key staff at the Palace of Holyrood to see a special drive-in screening of the Disney film Cruella.

Cold Town House business development director Louise MacLean apologized to customers but said the weekend was a “rare opportunity” to demonstrate the best of Scottish hospitality and thanked key staff for their sacrifices during the coronavirus pandemic.

She said, “We are really sorry to anyone who is harassed by the Cold Town House’s temporary closure on Saturday May 22nd.

“We never want to let our customers down and will always do everything we can to avoid it.

“This has been an extremely rare and proud opportunity for us to welcome the Duke of Cambridge to Cold Town House as part of his wider visit to Scotland and to present a great opportunity to showcase some of the best Scottish hospitality during one of the best challenging times for the industry. “

She added: “The Scottish Emergency Services deserve our thanks for all of their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are delighted to donate over £ 1,000 to the Duke’s three charities, including The Fire Fighters Charity, Police Care UK and The Ambulance Staff Charity, following his visit to Cold Town House.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their continued support and for the kindness and respect for our team and each other during this unprecedented time for the hospitality industry.

“We look forward to seeing everyone again soon at Cold Town House.”


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