Pubgoers left furious over 'scandalous' bill after waiting four hours for table

Four drinkers went to TripAdvisor to complain about a pub in Ireland where they had to wait four hours for a table and then received a “scandalous” bill

The drinkers complained that it was “a pub liability” (Stock Photo) (

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A group of four friends blew up a pub on TripAdvisor after waiting four hours for a table and then mistakenly receiving a “scandalous” bill.

While prices at many bars and pubs have risen since the lockdown ended, a group of drinkers got a bitter taste when they found they were grossly inflated when they were billed 501 (£ 422) reported the Irish mirror.

They claimed that their night in a pub in Ireland was getting worse and worse. They initially had to wait a long time for their drinks and ended up being billed for items they did not receive.

First off, before arriving, they claimed they tried to change their booking and then said it was canceled without warning instead.

“The venue didn’t respond and instead canceled our booking and didn’t give us a table in the beer garden as booked,” they said.

They said extra drinks were added to their bill, which raised them to over 500 euros


irish mirror)

The group continued, “We have told management and staff five times that if a table became free we could have it.

“We saw them giving away three separate tables to people around us who were far behind us.

“We talked about it with them so often and after four hours we got our table.”

Then, after each round of drinks was ordered, they were each made to wait 20 minutes. In the meantime, other employees picked up their order and wrote it down several times.

The group then received their bill for a total of 501 euros for four people and insisted: “This bill is scandalous for four people who are only there for four hours.

“If we each had a drink worth € 125 individually, I would not write this review today.

“Of course we had to deal with a huge bill and their staff kept coming up to us and almost forcing us to pay immediately. I had to tell them three times to give us a few minutes. “

After reviewing what was on the receipt, they found, “There were extra drinks that we weren’t given on it.

“We tried to tell them but they were very abrupt and rude, especially the manager who managed the bookings and the door.”

They ended their review by saying, “It was a drag on a pub, I wish I had more positive things to say but unfortunately I don’t. Every detail about the place was pathetic. ”The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

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