Pubs to stay shut 'for five months' as lockdown could be lifted slower

Pubs could be closed a lot longer than we think, according to new reports.

Boozers could be closed until May as Boris Johnson is considering lifting the ban much more slowly than initially thought.

It is believed the lockdown could last until March, according to the Daily Mail as scientists call for a tougher lockdown due to increasing cases.

However, sources have told a national newspaper that the pubs are unlikely to reopen until a few months after the lockdown.

A source said The Sunday Times : “Bank holiday on May 1st is more likely when the pubs reopen.”

Experts and scientists have described the current lockdown as “too lax” and said kindergartens should be closed.

Dependent wise member Anthony Costello, professor of global health at UCL and former director of WHO, said The mirror : “We are in a national crisis with an out of control pandemic.

“We shouldn’t have open kindergartens, no synagogues, no churches, no mosques. We should have compulsory masks, two meters away.

“We have to take this really seriously – the Asian countries have done that.

“The longer we let it go on, the sooner we’ll get a virus resistant to a vaccine, then we’ll be in real doo-doo.”

A government source told The Telegraph yesterday: “We can’t do more than that.

“We put these very strict national restrictions in place. It’s a lockdown on everyone all the time.”

The source told the newspaper that face masks could become mandatory in busy outdoor areas.

The guide on social distancing could also change, the source added.

The source said: “While we’ve moved to one meter plus to be okay, with the new variant one meter less will be okay and two meters will be better.”


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