Pubs wanting to ditch distancing will have to ask for Covid passports

Vaccination records will be operational in England as early as June, the Prime Minister will announce today.

Boris Johnson will hold a press conference on Downing Street this afternoon, flanked by England’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance.

He is expected to detail further plans to ease the lockdown in England, as well as announcements about international travel, vaccination cards and free Covid tests.

According to The Sun, As early as June 21, passes will be required for large venues such as soccer fields and nightclubs

Pubs could then be asked to require proof of a sting or negative test in the future if they want to drop all social distancing requirements.

With the successful launch of the vaccine, politicians are hoping for a full reopening of the country by the end of June.

A key part of these plans is the vaccination pass program, which allows Brits who have received the shot or can detect antibodies or a negative test to attend certain events.

However, there is enough discontent to suggest that a vote on the Covid passports in the House of Commons on their use could result in a defeat for the government.

Rachel Reeves, a member of the Senior Labor Party’s shadow cabinet, said her party had “many reservations” about its use domestically, while more than 40 Tory MPs have signed a bipartisan letter against vaccination records, meaning this will be a close result could.


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