101+ Punjabi Pick Up Lines [Romantic/Funny/Desi]

Punjabi pickup lines are a classic way to get a date. Whether you’re looking for something light and fun, or you want to go beyond the basics, these lines will help you get the girl of your dreams. And don’t worry – they’re not too complex, so even beginners can pull them off! Ready to try some out? Here are some tips on how to use Punjabi pickup lines in the best way possible!


Punjabi Pick Up Lines

Punjabi Pickup Lines

Punjabi pickup lines are a popular way to flirt and get to know someone. They are often lighthearted and informal, and can be delivered in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking to start a conversation or just put a smile on someone’s face, these lines are sure to do the trick!

  1. Nasal Ton Dekho Jande Gohdem Bilyana Bande Pachne Jande Ne Gal Batt Ton.
  2. Haran Wale Da Vi Apna He Rutba Hunda Hai, Afsoas Tan Hu He Kare Jo Dodh Vich Samhil Nahi C.
  3. Kudh Se Bhi Kuhalkar Nahi Milte Hai Ham, Tum Kai Kah K Jante Ho Hame.
  4. Mai Tan Tere Ton Apani, Jindagi Layi Roshni Mangi Si, Tu Tan Kamliye Agg He Lagati C.
  5. Oh Dekhe Sarika Sala Rahinda Sadda Ni, Jive Kehta Vich Saddi Parali Goriye.
  6. Je Tuhade Supne Tuhanu Nahi Dra Rahe, Tan Samjho Sapne Bahut Chote Ne.
  7. Asi Kine Bura Ni Kehnde To Aukat, Sanu Sabb Da Pta Hai.
  8. Nale Sade Naam To Dua Marde, Nale Salee Karde Copy Jatt Di.
  9. Asi Badle Ni Mitra Bas Sudhar Kite Nahi, Juch Lok Jeree Ah Bade Zindagi Toh Bahar Kite Ne.
  10. Ham Woh Manjil K Rahi Hai, Je Har Kisi Ke Naseeb Mai Nahi Hoti,

Romantic Lines in Punjabi

Romantic Lines in Punjabi

Romantic Lines in Punjabi can brighten up any day. Whether you’re in the mood for a light-hearted moment or a deeper connection, these words have the power to stir up romantic emotions. Whether you’re a first-time speaker or an experienced reader, learning these lines can help you express yourself more eloquently and connect with your partner in a more meaningful way. So why not give it a try? You might be surprised at just how expressive and emotive Punjabi can be! Here are some lines!

  1. Love me and transact with me like rupees. You will not be discouraged from doing so.
  2. Baby, come into my house, I wish to squeeze your attractive gulab jamuns.
  3. Baby, you are hotter than the beautiful garaam garaam chai.
  4. Hey baby! Let’s go together to Pune like bhaat and daal.
  5. Hey Love! It seems you have taken my breath away. I guess you are smog.
  6. Hey baby! I really wanna tap that butt. Just give the clue.
  7. Hey baby! You are the elfy in my beautiful shoes. Just Betnovate that bruise and Allubukharay ki chatni to the barbecues.
  8. Come and join this ride. The only condition is, you will get our sari.
  9. Jalebis is good, gulab tastes better but you offer the best taste.
  10. Hey Fred! Let’s mix it up because I suspect you like the daal in my chawal.
  11. You just spice up my day like the chicken curry.
  12. Hey Wendy! You spiced up my life just like a chutney.
  13. Hey Monna! You look so sweet and curvy. Are you a jelebee?
  14. Hey baby! It seems you are from Pakistan because my thinking capacity is always at alert anytime I set my eyes on you.
  15. I am trying to get you an in-di-a pair of pants because I was told you are from India.
  16. Hey Love! Let’s go together to the park-like daal and bhaat.
  17. Hey baby! I guess you were born on Diwali because you look like a patakha.
  18. I have all I need to check on her, but I need to buy chicken for her at Goa.
  19. Are you wearing the new sari? You will not be called Sari if you join me for a ride.
  20. It seems you are from 1A1 because you are 1 while I am A1.
  21. Even if you are Jalebi, Pia is sweeter than you.
  22. Just a night with you, you will feel the perfect touch like Ganges. Dirty, wet, and constantly moving.
  23. As long as your life allows me, I will always carry you with my love.
  24. Hey baby! You look so sweet and lovely. If you are rice and curry, I will eat you all day.
  25. I guess you have eaten a lot of curry during pregnancy. The scent is there all over you.
  26. Let me know if you are going to India because I will Goa anywhere for your love.
  27. I will like to bang you all day because that butt of yours looks like a dhol.
  28. Hey baby! When I look into your eyes, I feel kuch kuch hota hai.
  29. Hey baby! Can I talk you out of the issue, because I like that nice sari.
  30. Meet me in Goa where I will show you the perfect love you desire.
  31. Hey Pia! You are hotter than that garam garam chai.
  32. Hey Pete! Don’t forget that our parents brought us together when we were still young. I guess they forgot to remind you.
  33. Prove your love to me because you look like a dhol.
  34. The sari you are wearing makes you look beautiful. Can you go out with me?
  35. Pete, borrow me some rupee. I had promised to call mama when I find a pretty lady to marry.
  36. Hey baby! You are the chutney in my samosa. I love you the way you love me.
  37. Hey baby! Your butt is attractive and rounder than my new idlis.
  38. Hey baby! Come visit me tonight, I will squeeze your gulab jamuns seamlessly.
  39. My love is great and waxing stronger for you. Just like Pia’s love for her new sari.
  40. Let me know if you like raita because I will get raita for you without delay.

Funny Punjabi Lines

Funny Punjabi Lines
  1. Hey baby! Do you wanna do some mauja hi mauja, come and be my zauja.
  2. Hey baby! You look so beautiful. You look like the desi in my way.
  3. Hey friend! I have never asked her for Sexpet when she decided to give it to me.
  4. Hey Freddie! Let me handle you and make you sweeter than the chicken curry.
  5. Tu jaanti nahin mera baap kaun hai.
  6. Hey Maria! Come and take a ride with me and you won’t be the sari.
  7. My mom really loves you. she will send you a rishta tonight.
  8. I just discover there has been sub-moto in my pant anytime I see you. I guess your dad is CJP.
  9. Hey baby! You are such a mystery. I guess your dad is mistri.
  10. Your body looks like bengan because you eat a lot of eggplants harvested on the farm.
  11. Love her the same way she loves you. she is the pride of Goa.
  12. If you love eating bananas, come with me because I am akela.
  13. Come into the garden with me. Let me put your tuLIPS and my tuLIPS together.
  14. Hey baby! Come into my room, I wanna do dirty things to you tonight.
  15. You really love her sari. Isn’t it? Come and taste the cuisine with me.
  16. I need to break this fast today. Can I have a date with you?
  17. Love me the way you love the eggplant.
  18. Hey friend! I am sick and tired of doing Ikathar Bahattar Ikathar Bahattar. Let’s try Unatthar (69).
  19. Hey baby! Will you like to be my Krishna while I stand as your Radha.
  20. Hey baby! Let’s go out on this date and I will swachh your feet perfectly.
  21. Hey baby! Our kundalis perfectly match each other.
  22. Hey friend, do you care about a date? I purchased a packet from Saudia.
  23. Hey girl! I guess you were born in Diwali because you look like a Pataka.
  24. Hey baby! I will never brag with you but I have a U.S visa of 10 years validity.
  25. Hey baby! You have been living in my heart all night. I’m beginning to realize you are a goddess.
  26. I guess you are a Salman fan because I can see you love SRK.
  27. Every time I see you, I will always bend my knees because you are my Jawnees.
  28. Hey baby! I am like hot, spicy, and dai. Come and let me fill you up tonight.
  29. Hey love I am deeply addicted to you because I really like everything about you.
  30. Hey baby! I just deleted my shaadi dot com account because of your love.
  31. Hey Pia! Come and strum my sitar tonight.
  32. I guess you like raita because you like getting riata all over you.
  33. Hey Monna! Let me be the sambai on your dosa.
  34. Hey Love! I will never let you go because my life will be like bhel without chutney.
  35. This season of Bigg Boss is strong but our love will withstand it.

Punjabi Desi Lines

  1. You look like someone coming from Turkey. I will love seeing you becoming a Tharkee.
  2. Dating Pete is like standing at the rickshaw on that potholed road.
  3. I have tasted gulab jamans and jalebis but none of them is as sweet as you.
  4. Hey baby! Let’s come together and mix the beautiful pani with the puri.
  5. Your beauty enhanced my confidence in sharing my desi with you. so Shaadi maybe?
  6. Hey Monna! There is nothing sweeter than your love. I guess you are a jalebi.
  7. Hey baby! I can imagine sharing my data with you after meeting you for the first time.
  8. Hey Lisa! Do you wanna strum his sitar tonight?
  9. Hey Melinda! You are beautiful and spicier than the chicken curry.
  10. I really wanna tap that attractive but. Are you that beautiful dhol?
  11. Can you send me some rupees? I need to call Monna because I just found a wife to marry.
  12. Hey Pete! Put more garam than the chai I gave you.
  13. Hey Wendy! Trying putting the desi in a desirable position so you can enjoy it perfectly.
  14. Hey Freddie! Let me be the sambar in your dosa.
  15. That elegant sari looks attractive on you, but it will be better to have you wearing it on my bed.
  16. Hey baby! Your beauty and attractiveness made me canceled my shaadi.com account.
  17. Had it been I am table, I would allow you bang me all night.

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