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Jokes about Colleges

Jokes about Colleges

College is a time of laughter and joy, but it’s also a time of big changes. You’re suddenly responsible for your own financial well-being, and you have to make some tough decisions about your future. That’s why jokes about college are so popular – they make the transition a little bit easier. In this article, we’ve collected some of our favorite college jokes, so be sure to read until the end!

  1. It seems like Steve Jobs had an apple every day. Because we all know an apple a day always keeps a doctorate away.
  2. On graduation day at Criminal School, everyone con-graduated each other.
  3. One day, a vampire graduated from university. His fellow monsters and family Con-dracula-ted him.
  4. For the first time, I am having a few friends at college. We are in a squad-rate equation.
  5. The maths teacher advised the student to co-sign the loan application with his parents. The student questioned, “But what’s the angle, sir?”
  6. The astronomy scholar was very confident of his research hoping to get a galaxy award. But sadly he didn’t win it and instead was given the constellation award.
  7. One of the most sketchy classes in a college is the art class.
  8. The Sun must have spent many years studying, he’s got millions of degrees.
  9. One student of college was so aggressive at learning, that he hit the books.
  10. An animated Pixar movie about Marlin, a goldfish father, trying to get his son admitted in the best fish college will be named ‘funding Nemo.’
  11. Every student wishes not to be left a-loan after graduation.
  12. The only engineering branch that lets you see through the evil of others is c-evil engineering.
  13. A high school student was very happy to use his degree in 2020. The mask-communication.
  14. Encyclopedias are bad neighbours because they have so many volumes.
  15. A high school veterinary student had a part-time job at a nail parlor. She was good at pet-a-cures.
  16. I performed so badly in my marine biology tests and assignments that my grades went below sea-level.
  17. Practicing a debate in front of a mirror seems a bad idea to me, you may be one-sided or, worse, two-faced.
  18. All the dogs who completed their graduation were getting their pe-degree.
  19. I am a chemistry student but I am thinking of becoming a comedian because I am so-dium funny.
  20. If you have a hot dog in college, you can easily call it a Frat-wurst
  21. Just like the pilgrims visited their dreamland through Mayflower, college students visit their dreams through scholar-ships.
  22. One of the fashion designing college girl got sick on the day of the final examination. Now she is attempting a makeup exam.
  23. Our English teachers seem to be the most logical person among the faculty. He always uses his comma-sense in a difficult situation.
  24. People like studying gravity. Maybe that’s because it’s a really attractive field.
  25. Bees generally go to college to get a beesness degree.
  26. You can’t see a thing when it is foggy in Los Angeles, but once the fog clears U.C L.A.
  27. On graduation day, the tallest boy in our class said ” I have graduated at the top of the class”.
  28. A civil engineering student failed in the final exams because he forgot the design of an electricity-producing barrier at dams. I think he has lost his dam-mind.
  29. One of my friends was a civil engineer. No doubt, she was nice and polite to everyone.
  30. You know the bees go to college by their lovely mode-buzz.
  31. My high school friend did his graduation in mathematics. I was wondering about what he got upon the completion of his graduation, a degree or a radian.
  32. I had the carpentry workshop test, and in the first attempt, I nailed it.
  33. My college teacher wanted to solve a difficult algebra problem. But I did not want to deal with an ex.

Academic Jokes

Puns & Jokes about Colleges That Will Make You go ROFL 1

College is a time when you’re supposed to be learning new things. But sometimes, things get a little… funny. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of the best academic jokes to help you escape the reality of campus life and have some fun. So turn off your academic brain and start laughing – professor puns are the best way to relieve stress!

  1. I peeped into my semester days and asked weekends if they were still there?
  2. How many college students it could take to change a light bulb? Just one, but he would take 5 years.
  3. Imagine what a buffalo say to his son when he left for college? It says bi-son.
  4. Wondering for a college black Friday sale, on giving one semester, you get the other free.
  5. What is the greatest deal a college student could offer to his father? The exemption from lack of college fees due to expelling!
  6. Just want to say, Alexa, skip this semester’s days.
  7. What response can a freshman get for asking the meaning of pi to a senior? A never-ending chat.
  8. What would be the college name of a semi-aquatic herbivore? It would be the hippocampus.
  9. Why would a servant go to college after working so many years? Because he was unable to take his master’s degree.
  10. Hope this new filter is making me appear like a happy freshman.
  11. How would you know that you are actually in your dream college? You’d be able to fly!
  12. I love the finals, I hope they would love me back!
  13. If the coming date is not a due date, then today is definitely not the do date.
  14. I believe in zombies existence, visit my college someday.
  15. What could a college student write to the board of education if they lack interest in studies? They would write that they are finally bored of this education.
  16. If nothing is right with you in college, just go left.
  17. When everyone says you can’t do this, just stand and take pictures of the whiteboard.
  18. Do you know what a genius student at college is called? So simple, a visitor.
  19. I got an A in the nap competition just before the exams.
  20. The college tutor asked, “What is a non-common thing between an English college student and an American one?” The student replied “Approximately 3000 miles.”
  21. Do you know the basic difference between a civil engineer and a mechanical engineer? A civil engineer sets targets and a mechanical engineer makes weapons for the military.
  22. In my new college, feeling like a cupcake among muffins!
  23. Going to use the code ‘Amazon Prime’ for achieving 60% off on grades.
  24. My today’s To-do-list is to stay awake.
  25. Have you ever thought about why the Sun never went to college? Because he already possesses trillion degrees.
  26. Why would a college student hesitate while submitting his assignment on earthquakes? Because it is made on shaky ground reports.
  27. Do you know why people laughed at a graduated student when he told everyone about his graduation? Because he was graduated from a clown college.

Study Jokes

Jokes are one of the best ways to poke fun at yourself and other people. They can be used to relieve stress, make friends, and even improve your vocabulary. So why not start studying funny jokes on study? It’s a great way to stay entertained and learn at the same time. Here are some of our favorite funny jokes about study to get you started.

  1. Did anyone ever noticed that ” STUDYING” is a mixture of studying and dying.
  2. Yo mama so stupid she studied for a COVID-19 test
  3. My friends: ugh why are you so lazy and no fun My parents: why can’t u be like ur siblings My teacher: I don’t care if ur depressed focus on ur study! The songs: we understand you 🙂
  4. Your mom is SOO stupid she was studying for a COVID test
  5. Everyone in my class: I can’t wait until have a family, I can’t wait to study for my dream job My friends: What’s your dream job? Me: I’m going to die young :))
  6. My happiest moment in life was getting a positive grade on my h.i.v test w/out studying
  7. New study reveals that women slightly overweight live longer… than the men who mention it.
  8. It turns out a major new study recently found that humans eat more bananas than monkeys. It’s true. I can’t remember the last time I ate a monkey.
  9. Yo mama’s so stupid that she studied for her eye test
  10. New study reveals that women slightly overweight live longer… than the men who mention it.
  11. Kid:Hey what’s black and sneaky! Social studies teacher:Harriet Tubman
  12. Why did the girl study in the tree she wanted a higher education?
  13. What does a gorilla attorney study? The law of the jungle.
  14. How did the nut study for its test? It used the inter-nut.

University Puns

If you’re anything like us, you’re never too far from a good pun. And in case you’re not aware, university is a time of great learning – which is why University puns fit perfectly into the mix. We’ve gathered some of the funniest puns around, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Ready to start cracking them up?

  1. Keeping the positivi-tea in the dorm room.
  2. The sun doesn’t have to go to college, because it’s already got like 28 million degrees.
  3. I have a c-rush on Greek life.
  4. Calc-u later, I’m off to class.
  5. Let’s taco bout last night.
  6. Can’t wait to ketchup with my dorm roomies.
  7. I know it’s cheesy, but college food is grate.
  8. The campus cafe and I were meant to bean.
  9. Sorry, I can’t hang tonight. I’m totally booked at the library.
  10. Bison, I’m leaving for college.
  11. I really snailed it this semester.
  12. Need a little encourage mint for this late-night study session.
  13. My early morning chemistry class rarely gets a reaction out of me.
  14. I can’t beleaf how great college is.
  15. I’m a science major, and I’m sodium funny.

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