Puppy 'retires' from golf club to become full-time guide dog

A young puppy who has spent most of his life helping a golf club employee has taken the next step on his path to becoming a guide dog.

One year old Prince – a yellow Labrador Cross Golden Retriever – moved in with Warwickshire Golf Club manager Daniel Rowe when he was only seven weeks old Coventry Live.

Mr. Rowe volunteers as Guide dogs Puppy trainers and such, Prince implemented basic commands while performing his usual duties on the construction site.

This means the puppy has got used to early starts, made lots of new faces, and got used to a variety of sights and sounds – including buggies and mowers.

Mr. Rowe said, “Many of our members will have seen Prince either golfing or on the buggy trails during the lockdown.

“Prince is happy and relaxed with people and of course curious.

Puppy 'retires' from golf club to become full-time guide dog 1

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“He came to the golf course every day during the lockdown and even helped out when the drive had to be grazed to keep the vaccination center running.

“We hope he has a lot of fun training and a great life with his new owner.

“He’s a real people lover and just like he was a best friend to us here at the club, he’ll be a great best friend to someone with vision loss too.”

He was a great help on the site

“All greenkeepers will miss him.”

Prince has now left the team and started his guide dog training at Leamington Spa.

Under normal circumstances, trainers attempt to qualify dogs before they are two years old, but the coronavirus pandemic has delayed the process for many.

The regional center for guide dogs was closed for three months last year, which meant that around 70 prospective guide dogs had to take a break from training.


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