Putin plotting 'blitzkrieg' against Ukraine and 'nuclear blackmail on the West'


A dossier leaked to the Daily Mirror warns that Russia is preparing for a war over the Ukrainian border and that the country is also planning to impose “nuclear blackmail” on the West

Vladimir Putin has insisted that Moscow has no intention of invading Ukraine (

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Russia is preparing a “blitzkrieg” against Ukraine and imposing “nuclear blackmail” on the West in order to rebuild the USSR.

A shocking dossier leaked to the Daily Mirror warns that “pacifying” Russian President Vladimir Putin in the current peace talks could spark a world war.

Moscow is using them to step up its military build-up near the Ukrainian border, while there are plans to restore Russia to a hybrid status of the USSR 2.

And she warns that Russia will use the peace talks with the US on Sunday in Geneva as a pretext for “large-scale military preparations around the Ukrainian borders”.

It is feared that up to 175,000 Russian troops could arm themselves for an all-out war with Ukraine or a partial invasion.

The leaked dossier warns of a “blitzkrieg” against Ukraine


MoD Russia / east2west news)

This could include further strengthening and expanding the land already conquered by pro-Russian separatists in the destroyed Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine.

In 2014, Russia occupied Crimea in an almost overnight invasion and sparked war in eastern Ukraine.

Up to 14,000 have died in fighting between the Ukrainian military and pro-Russian separatists secretly joined by Moscow troops.

The Mirror recently visited the 400-kilometer front line in eastern Ukraine, where daily attacks on Ukrainian troops are taking place.

The dossier warns that Moscow is using the current peace talks to expand its military armament near the Ukrainian border


MoD Russia / east2west news)

Putin insists Moscow has no intention of invading Ukraine, but Russia has also denied that its troops were in Crimea in 2014.

The report by the Ukrainian secret service, which analyzes Russian military training, shows “the preparation for a modern blitzkrieg against Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries by attack units, airborne and special forces”.

He warns that pacifying Putin “could lead from the growth of Russian regional aggression to a real world war and pose a real threat to the destruction of Western democracy”.

A Ukrainian soldier stands in a front line trench near the village of Zaitseve in the Donetsk region



It says: “In order to neutralize the influence of the West and create a trading area, the Kremlin has chosen a strategy of nuclear blackmail, spreading local armed conflicts with elements of hybrid wars, espionage, provocations and sabotage, economic pressure and the spread of global corruption among the so-called elite of the West. “

NATO will hold a meeting of foreign ministers this week to assess the crisis.

US President Joe Biden warned Moscow of new sanctions.

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