Qualcomm licensed to work with Huawei

Qualcomm licensed to work with Huawei

Currently, Huawei is unable to produce its own design HiSilicon processors as it cannot work with TSMC. For this reason, the Chinese technology giant, which has turned its way to processor brands such as MediaTek, is also looking for ways to diversify its options. Huawei appears to be paying off for this effort. According to news from China; Qualcomm has acquired the necessary license to work with Huawei.

There is a very interesting point in the article. According to the claim, it is stated that Qualcomm can only comply with Huawei’s request if the Honor brand is excluded. The San Diego-based company is said to be unable to meet the needs of the Huawei and Honor portfolio at the same time.

Huawei is known to be preparing to divest Honor. In fact, the deal is said to be close for a $ 15.6 billion sale.

Qualcomm applied for a license to work with Huawei last September. The course of the US-China trade war after new US President Joe Biden took office and its impact on Huawei seems likely to influence the situation.

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Qualcomm licensed to work with Huawei 1


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