Qualcomm Nintendo plans a game console

Qualcomm, which designs the processors at the heart of many smartphones, plans to release a game console similar to Nintendo Switch. This game console is said to work with Android operating system.

According to information provided to the Android Police site by sources close to Qualcomm, the console will have a 6.65-inch screen. There are detachable game controllers, such as the Nintendo Switch, on the edges of this screen. The console, which will carry a 6000 mAh battery and a cooling system, is said to be slightly thicker compared to a standard smartphone.

It is not known which processor Qualcomm will use on the console. It is also mentioned that the company can develop a special processor. However, the increasing number of smart gaming phones with Snapdragon processors shows that Qualcomm sees significant growth potential in this area.

It is expected to follow a similar line to Qualcomm’s current processors regarding issues such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. It’s also likely that Qualcomm will provide 5G support in the new game console. Thus, the mobile gaming experience is expected to be enhanced.

What is known about the Nintendo Switch-esque Qualcomm game console is quite limited right now. However, it will come as no surprise to come across more concrete details about this device in the coming period.

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