Qualcomm raises the bar: lossless audio with Bluetooth

If you are not a music producer, you probably prefer bluetooth headphones for listening to music. With affordable wireless headphone products from manufacturers such as hilou, any listener can now own wireless headphones. Even if it makes chips for affordable headphones, Qualcomm has promised lossless audio with bluetooth.

Qualcomm promises CD-quality lossless audio with aptX codec

aptX is currently one of the most well-known codecs. Qualcomm, one of the pioneers of this, offers CD quality lossless sound with its new technology called aptX Adaptive. Although CD quality is not considered high resolution, the lossless transfer of sounds via bluetooth is a big improvement.

This new technology, which covers wireless headphones of all wires, will also partner with the Snapdragon brand, a sub-brand of Qualcomm. So we can see some improvement in sound quality or more stable experience in connection on devices with Snapdragon processors.

aptX Lossless Audio supports up to 44.1 KHz frequency and 16 bits and also offers the user the option of 24-bit 96 KHz lossy. In other words, if you are not fond of lossless sound, you may prefer high sound quality even if you are lossy.

aptX Lossless Audio is expected to enter our lives in late 2021 as part of Snapdragon Audio.

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