Quarantined travellers waiting days for covid tests

A Covid-19 test supplier was accused of “horrific service” after quarantined travelers had to wait days for a kit to arrive.

Dozens of complaints have been filed against Latus Health. Customers said they received their £ 175 worth of coronavirus tests late, potentially delaying quarantine exits.

The East Yorkshire-based health care company, which is on the government’s official list of test suppliers, said there had been “some delays” with Royal Mail and that it was paying for 24-hour delivery the next day.

However, around 70 people have joined a Facebook group to complain about the company, which is listed as a testing provider on the Department of Health and Social Affairs (DHSC) website.

Travelers returning to the UK from non-redlisted countries must quarantine themselves at home for 10 days and do two Covid-19 tests – one on the second and one on the eighth day – before taking the Can leave imprisonment, depending on a negative outcome.

Customers who have ordered through Latus Health have complained about test kits arriving more than a week late and further delays in receiving test results.

Joanna Earl, 50, of Wandsworth, southwest London, paid Latus £ 350 to get tested with her husband after she returned to the UK on March 25 after visiting France for work.

But 13 days later, they are still waiting for the results of the test on the eighth day, which itself was 24 hours late, she said.

Ms. Earl told PA News Agency, “What drives me is that the government did such a good job with the vaccination program, but this entire mandatory testing process is shambolic because I am indescribable that they can hire a company and authorize their website that doesn’t even offer the most basic service.

“You can’t reach anyone (at Latus), you can’t talk to anyone, and you don’t get any answers, they just seem to give the money. To me, their service is appalling and extremely inefficient.”

Earl, whose test results didn’t arrive until day six on the second day, said she only managed to speak to someone at Latus Health once – but only after waiting an hour for a premium tariff number.

Others on the Latus Health Covid Test Complaints Facebook page, created on April 2, said they could not have reached the company.

Jack Latus, general manager of Latus Health, said Wednesday afternoon that all orders that were due to be shipped have now been sent for delivery.

He told PA: “Delays in delivery before Bank Holiday can be for a variety of reasons, the two main delays being delays in delivery service due to a pandemic situation. We pay for a 24-hour delivery service the next day – there is not much more we can do. “

Mr Latus said there had been “some delays” with Royal Mail and other testing providers had similar problems.

He added that more than 95 percent of deliveries in the past 12 months were on time.

Latus Health, based in Melton, near Hull, sends out 3,000 tests a day and, according to its website, aims to deliver results “within 48 hours” of a laboratory receiving a sample.

Mr. Latus added, “We have had some feedback that call lines are costing customers who need to hold. We didn’t realize it was a premium line as it is a number that we have been using for customer care for over a year and that has had no issues even when the call volume was lower. “

He said the company has since stopped using the premium line and has invested in a new “ticketing system” that will be rolled out this week.

A 61-year-old professor who came to London from New York on Saturday said she was still waiting for the test on the second day.

She said to PA, “When I called her (Latus) there was a record that said the number was not answered and instead emailed her.

“I emailed them three times but only got one automatic response. Test and Trace called me every day and I told them about the situation and they said they already knew about it. They said they had a lot of complaints about this company. “

A DHSC spokesman said: “Tests of all private providers must meet the required minimum standards and are checked for safety and quality by the independent UK accreditation service.

“The list of private test providers is constantly updated to ensure that they meet the required standards. We carefully monitor all questions raised by the public about private testing and take action if necessary. “

A Royal Mail spokesman replied, “We are working hard to maintain the normal service possible across the UK, although there may be higher levels of Covid-related absences from time to time in some areas. Unfortunately, this can affect mail delivery times in these regions. “


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