Queen cracks jokes in first appearance since Harry and Meghan interview

The Queen sees the picture of good humor at their first engagement after Prince Harry and Meghan’s explosive interview.

Elizabeth II was in the best of spirits when she laughed and joked with experts and school children during a Science Week Zoom call.

The call came just a day after the Royal Family released a statement responding to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s allegations.

But it looked like the allegations of racism within the royal family were well behind her.

When asked by the top British scientist Dr. Aderin-Pocock: “Yuri Gagarin, the first person to go into space, was also born on March 9th, and I think, ma’am, that you met him – what was he like?

Her Majesty drew a big laugh from her virtual crowd when she abruptly replied, “Russian!”.

The Queen quickly added, “He didn’t speak English. But no no, he was fascinating. And I suppose the first one was particularly fascinating.”

She also quipped the importance of getting back from space during the call, and even waved cheerfully to attendees at the end.

Sky royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills said she was “in a fantastic mood”.

She added, “Her Majesty seemed to be enjoying learning about the latest mission to Mars.

“With a very happy wave goodbye at the end, she seemed to be in a fantastic mood.

“It’s the first time we’ve seen her since that interview and there was no sign of any strain at all.

“She has dealt with many other personal family issues during her 69-year reign and this latest surprise is sure not to distract her from her work.”


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