Queen Elizabeth now has her own brand of ketchup, brown sauce

Queen Elizabeth is now the ketchup queen, too.

The 95-year-old has just released her own brand of ketchup and brown sauce.

according to the Sunthe tomato-based ketchup is “ideal for breakfast or any time of the day” and is “flavored with dates, apple juice and spices,” while the brown sauce, which is similar in taste and consistency to steak sauce, is “packed with vinegar and spices.”

The condiments, created at her Sandringham estate in Norfolk using ingredients from the area, are priced at around $9 (£6.99) for a 10-ounce portion.

“If I’m paying £6.99 for a bottle of something I want wine in it,” a local told the Sun. There is no launch date yet for the saucy sauces, and they are not yet available for purchase on the Sandringham Estate online shop.

The queen’s kitchen capers don’t end there, either. She is also a fan of gin, so Buckingham Palace dropped her own booze brand in 2020. The British royal’s drink of choice is made with ingredients from the gardens of her London residence.

The conditions will set you back $9 for a 10-ounce bottle.
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The spirit is available online from the Royal Collection Trust and has the flavors of hawthorn berries, lemon verbena, mulberry leaves and bay leaves swirled into one delicious cocktail. It’s also infused with citrus and herbal notes and costs $50 for a 24-ounce bottle and is 42 ABV.

The website writes that the gin is “the perfect summer thirst quencher.” The recommended serving process is to “pour a measure of the gin into an ice-filled tumbler before topping up with tonic and garnishing with a slice of lemon.”

The British monarch is also an avid gin drinker.
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Alcohol is a major component that the Queen attributes to her longevity. British-culture researcher Bryan Kozlowski previously detailed to The Post how the sovereign has come to thrive over nine decades on the throne.

“She has aged incredibly well and is the paradigm of health and wellness,” he said, adding that she enjoys afternoon tea of ​​Darjeeling with sandwiches and scones.

“She will also take the smallest sliver of cake,” he added. “As dietitians often advise, you should give yourself permission to have occasional treats.”

The queen additionally enjoys a gin cocktail in the morning, followed by a glass of wine or champagne with lunch and then another glass of champagne or a dry martini in the nighttime.

“Psychologists would call her a ‘self-transcendent drinker’ — she won’t let it interfere with her bigger purpose in life,” Kozlowski added.

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