Queen of the South Season 6: Why We Won’t Be Able to See Those Powerful Women of the Drug World Again?

Queen of the South became a Netflix breakout hit, with millions of people around the world watching Teresa Mendoza’s heartbreaking journey from misery to cartel dominance. However, those adventures are not continued Queen of the South Season 6

Netflix published the recent series of segments of the USA Network series on Apr 7, 2021, that fans excitedly binge-watched. The fans hoping for a season 6 will indeed be displeased as the episodes of the fifth season will be the last.

The series’ storyline didn’t seem to be coming to an end in the foreseeable future, and neither did the fifth season of the series’ intended conclusion. When the show’s end was announced, viewers were stunned, especially since “Queen of the South” usually topped Netflix’s list of popular series when seasons were released on the streaming platform after TV airing.

Why was the Queen of the South season 6 cancelled?

Season 4 of Queen of the South apparently had a significant dip in ratings of about 20%, despite the series still being the most watched series on the network. The US network never publicly verified anything we already knew. The fifth season saw an even bigger dip, confirming the network’s suspicion that the show’s popularity was on the wane.

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The Queen of the South season 6 ending was undoubtedly influenced by ratings, but the USA Network’s shifting structure is a much more obvious suspect. Only a few ongoing original dramas remain on USA Network’s schedule, with “Queen of the South” joining such series as “Challenge me” and “The robbery” is cancelled.

The USA Network seems to be more focused on reality TV shows and off-network activities from shows like Ryan Murphy’s”9-1-1”, as well as joint projects with Syfy On “Chucky” or “Resident Alien

Indeed, it’s hard to see it as the final nail in the coffin for a once-loved cable station, even though NBCUniversal’s parent organization, USA, is prioritizing new original shows not on NBC to transition to Peacock, the termination of Queen of the South season 6 could be a signal of events to come.

Was the last season worth watching?

Queen of the South Season 6

When the show initially aired, the focus was on something that is for and over Latinos was amplified, with music videos featuring Latino rappers airing in the US and even Argentine football commentator Andres Cantor rerunning previous seasons in preparation for the 2018 World Cup.

The Queen of the South series went to great lengths to recapture the narco world by emphasizing that almost all Latinos are engaged and that bad. Theresa Mendoza is introduced to the world by her boyfriend at the beginning of the series, one of the countless situations where men were usually the first to disappoint or figuratively throw women under the wagon with their own ends.

Alice BraganTeresa was shown as a warrior who was clever and aware of her feminine privilege. Teresa often used it to help other women, such as when she witnessed a case of human trafficking.

It was really exceptional to see a woman of substance on those drug related shows, but this series offered us two interesting female characters who had been at the top of their game. Both were the ones in power, and their struggle was not trivial, but focused on the real challenges each of them faced.

Camilalike Teresa, struggled with difficulties that had shaped women for thousands of years. She struggled to run a profitable business and still raise a family. Camila demonstrated the results of her labor in a world where women were told they couldn’t have everything, but had to do their best.

Queen of the South Season 6

Teresas exist in the narco world was unusual, as the women in this realm often are stereotypical as mules, sufferers, sex workers or a combination of all three. Teresa was never a victim; instead, she has used the drug society to expose her horrors, leaving the viewer to question her compassion in a society that inherently harms others.

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Teresa’s escape from the drug life and the happiness she had with the family she built was forever the heroine she deserved after losing far too many loved ones during the series. However, it showed that we can all portray Latinos in difficult situations that can end really well.

The show’s final season was heartbreaking, not only because it marked the end of her journey and we wouldn’t get to see the Queen of the South season 6, but because it was the conclusion to the storyline. This is also a reminder of how Queen of the South had to compete for her spot on the network.

Season 5 took much more advantage of USA Network’s ad campaign to plaster itself across all NBCUniversal channels, but it doesn’t air on NBC’s streaming platform Peacock for some reason. Despite the existence of a great actor like Braga in the crew, it has not yet been aggressively pursued Emmy’s candidacy

Is it possible that Netflix is ​​considering bringing back Queen of the South?

Queen of the South Season 6

Yes, Netflix can add Queen of the South season 6 to their streaming service, although they have yet to do so with other hit US series, including Dare Me. Additionally, the final season aired in the US, and there’s been no mention of a Netflix revival nearly a year after the season finale aired in the US.

After Season 5, Queen of the South was canceled, in part because the show’s story had run its course, and also because of a shift in USA Channel’s strategy.

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