Queen vows to host family Christmas at Sandringham amid health fears

The Queen is reportedly devoting her entire family to the Sandringham Christmas party after taking some time to rest after her stay in the hospital.

Sources say family time is the “perfect tonic” for the monarch.

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The Queen had to cancel a number of royal engagements this month as she was concerned about her health. She is currently recovering at Windsor Castle after testing and an overnight stay in hospital last week.

According to sources, the Queen is hoping for a speedy recovery so that she can spend Christmas with her family. This year will be her first Christmas since the death of her husband Prince Phillip in April this year.

A source told the Mirror: “This year, more than ever, it is incredibly important to Her Majesty to be surrounded by loved ones for weeks.

Her Majesty is on medical order with the intention of being able to enjoy the company of her extended family to the fullest during the holidays. ”

The insider added, “After we have to cancel a large number of engagements, the family reunion will be the perfect tonic.”

Her grandson Prince Harry is also planning to travel to Great Britain this Christmas so that his family can meet his baby daughter Lillibet, who was born in June this year.

Prince Harry is said to have been put into “panic mode” after his grandmother’s hospital stay.

A source told US Weekly that Harry feels guilty for not personally saying goodbye to Prince Phillip.

The source added, “He would never forgive himself if the same thing happened to his beloved grandmother.

“Harry hopes to go home with Meghan for Christmas, if not before then, with that [the Queen] finally meet Lilibet and see Archie again. “

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