Queen's best present could be arriving for her 95th birthday today

The Queen’s 95th birthday today, a quiet and private celebration as she continues to mourn the death of her husband, Prince Philip, could still have precious moments.

Princess Anne is expected to pay the Queen a birthday visit, and there is speculation that she might bring the best present of all.

The monarch is celebrating her 95th birthday at Windsor Castle, where she continues to be protected from the Covid-19 pandemic in her own royal bubble. reports Bristol Live.

Female family members are expected to throw a protective ring around her if she reaches the milestone without Prince Philip by her side.

But the big question is whether Her Majesty will meet the two newest members of her family, new great-grandchildren August and Lucas.

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Prince Philip never saw his last two great-grandchildren before he died, so the Queen will no doubt be interested in meeting them when the funeral is over.

The funeral arrangements for the Duke of Edinburgh show how keen the monarch is in abiding by coronavirus rules, which means she can’t meet anyone indoors outside her own bladder.

But she can meet a group of six friends and family from any number of households on the grounds of Windsor Castle, where she has stayed for most of the past 13 months.

Children of all ages count up to the limit of six, which means that Princess Anne (70) and Zara Tindall (38) can visit the Queen and bring their great-grandchildren Lena, Mia and Lucas with them.

Lucas is only four weeks old and has yet to be seen in public. Mike Tindall, 40, may want to visit Princess Anne separately with Zara and her three children.

A visit from Zara and her former English rugby player husband Mike with their third child Lucas Philip Tindall, who was born on the bathroom floor on Sunday March 21st and weighs 8 pounds 4 ounces, could be exactly the tonic the Queen is after takes a tough couple of weeks.

She is supposed to enjoy the couple’s company and is an enthusiastic great-grandmother.

Der Spiegel believes that Prince Andrew, granddaughter Eugenie and their newborn son August have already arranged a birthday walk with the Queen and her two new Corgi pups.

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank with their son August Philip Hawke Brooksbank

Royal expert Russell Myers agrees, telling TV presenter Lorraine Kelly, “Andrew will be visiting, he lives nearby.

“Princess Eugenie and her little baby August will also stop by.

“You live on the Windsor estate too.”

Sophie Wessex is also expected to visit the grieving monarch in person, and the Duchess of Cambridge is believed to have arranged several video calls.

The royal daughter-in-law, Camilla, is also predicted to pay a visit to the Queen, but Prince Charles’ plans are unclear as it is believed that he is mourning alone at his cottage in Wales.

It’s the second year in a row that birthday parties have been canceled due to the Covid lockdown

In addition, Her Majesty is officially mourning until Thursday, April 22, the day after her birthday, but a source told Spiegel that her family will be gathering.

“The queen won’t be alone,” said the source.

Zara and Mike Tindall know how to look regal when they need to get dressed

“She will have others who care deeply and want to be there to support her in her most pressing hour.

“Typically, the Queen has insisted that she get along, and despite the suggestion she has been preparing for this day ahead, it is clear to all that there is nothing like it when it comes to this.”


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