Quick guide to enable dark mode on Facebook for iPhone

You can configure dark mode on Facebook and leave it “On” to use it all the time. Learn how to switch between a dark and a light theme based on system-wide settings

Dark mode has been available on the iPhone since iOS 13, which was released in 2019. However, it took Facebook more than a year to launch the dark theme as a feature for its smartphone app.

The company recently implemented dark mode in its iOS app, giving users the option to switch between light and dark mode automatically or manually.

Switching to dark mode on Facebook from Facebook is quite easy and here at Somagnews we explain how to enable dark mode on Facebook for iPhone

Dark mode on Facebook

Steps to enable dark mode in Facebook application for iPhone:

Open the Facebook application on your iPhone.
Tap the menu button in the lower right corner.
Swipe down until you see Settings and privacy.
Then tap on Dark Mode.
You can set the dark mode on Facebook by leaving it “On” to use it all the time, or select “System” to automatically switch between dark and light mode based on system-wide settings.

If you cannot find the dark mode settings, we recommend updating the Facebook app to the latest version available in the iOS App Store.

Facebook update

Facebook recently made a number of changes to the design of its desktop website, including the introduction of a new dark mode. Dark mode for Facebook can be turned on by clicking the switch in the Settings tab.

The new design also integrates other benefits as it helps users find things faster, such as thanks to the new optimized navigation that makes it easy to find new videos, games and groups.

With the new update, Facebook claims that the homepage and page transitions load faster, providing a mobile app-like experience.

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, also supports dark mode on iOS. The theme was available on Android and iOS earlier this year. The darkest user interface can be seen on WhatsApp when the system-wide dark mode is enabled.

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