RAF jets blast ISIS cave complex in Iraq with barrage of bunker-busting missiles

According to the Defense Ministry, RAF fighter planes wiped out an ISIS cave complex with a fatal blow with new ‘Storm Shadow’ missiles.

In the series of attacks on extremists, RAF typhoons have smashed Daesh targets in caves in northern Iraq.

During the missions between March 10 and 14, the military aircraft also dropped laser-guided Paveway IV bombs.

According to the Defense Ministry, Iraqi forces recently identified a “significant number” of Daesh fighters using cave complexes southwest of Erbil.

The caves were considered “particularly difficult targets” and two RAF Typhoon FGR4 were dispatched to strike in support of the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service ground forces.

Last Wednesday, they completed the first Storm Shadow missile attack, and the aircraft’s weapons are said to have “hit their targets”.

Two typhoons attacked extremists with six bombs guided by Paveway IV on Thursday.

RAF planes were back in service on Friday when they hit another group of caves used by Daesh with eight paveway bombs.

Finally, on Sunday, six of the bombs were used to smash caves in the same remote, mountainous area.

The Department of Defense said, “At every opportunity our crew took the greatest care to ensure there were no signs of civilians in the area before conducting the strikes and subsequent surveillance to ensure their successful conclusion.”

The first time the Storm Shadow missiles were deployed was in 2016 when RAF fighter jets pulverized a massive Islamic State bunker complex in western Iraq.

Two RAF tornadoes flew from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus to fire four rockets at the cache of a reinforced concrete weapon built during the dictatorial rule of Saddam Hussein.

The long-range missiles “Feuer und Vergessen” were designed as bunker bussers that can penetrate underground facilities.


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