Rapper's wife 'fed husband's body to rats and put his organs in washing machine’

Marina Kokhal was placed under house arrest in Russia after accused of dismembering her husband Andy Cartwright, drinking his blood and having sex with his corpse

Marina Kokhal is accused of murdering rapper Andy Cartwright (

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A rapper’s widow is accused of murdering and dismembering him before drinking his blood.

Marina Kokhal was released and placed under house arrest despite being the prime suspect in the murder of husband Andy Cartwright.

After the 37-year-old was arrested in August last year, her lawyers told how she was first accused by investigators of “drinking her dead husband’s blood and having sex with his corpse” in St. Petersburg.

Although Ms. Kokhal has remained the main suspect since then, Russia’s top forensic scientists admit that they failed to prove that she fatally poisoned the rapper in consultation with her mother Elena Kokhal, 68.

Investigators claim the woman bought a hard-to-detect insulin substitute for diabetics and later overdosed the Ukrainian rapper, whose real name is Alexander Juschko.

Mrs. Kochal denies murder


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At the time of his death, the musician had an affair with the glamorous fan Nadia Romanenko (25), which is now established.

The Criminal Police say they have evidence “that the murder was planned by the defendant,” but admit that they did not actually carry it out.

Ms. Kokhal has admitted cutting up the body with a knife and hacksaw, but claims to have done so so his fans would not know he died of an “inglorious” drug overdose.

She vigorously denies the murder.

Some of Mr. Cartwright’s body parts were in her refrigerator and others in trash bags that were meant to be disposed of.

It is said that his fingertips were fed to rats outside in the courtyard.

Mr. Cartwright was killed and then dismembered


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A video showed the suspect smiling as a St. Petersburg judge released her from custody and allowed her to reunite with her and Cartwright’s son, who is now four and whom she has not seen in custody for more than a year.

Ms. Kokhal burst into tears and hugged her lawyer Irina Skurtu as she was freed from the dock, a glass cage. Russian reports said she smiled as she walked out of the court.

The public prosecutor’s office had decided against her release from prison.

Forensic experts say they failed to check eight organs, namely the stomach, pancreas, esophagus, gallbladder and urinary bladder, intestines, adrenal glands, and prostate.

They were either missing or washed through a washing machine, the court said.

All surfaces and utensils in the apartment were “washed with vinegar,” say the investigators.

Ms. Kokhal had written a note saying she had to buy a UV lamp that experts say would highlight biological traces that have not been cleaned.

The 37-year-old is now under house arrest


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Detectives previously suspected that she injected medicine into his hand – where a needle stick was discovered – and then killed him with a knife wound in his stomach.

But they are now working on the theory that she suffocated him.

She was placed under house arrest but is not allowed to meet or speak to her mother, who is also under house arrest on suspicion of the collusion.

Her child was sent to an orphanage, but the judge allowed her to see her again.

Defense attorneys had previously alleged that Ms. Kokhal had been questioned about “disgusting” and “sick” allegations.

They said she was asked, “Did you taste his blood?” claiming she had “sex with the corpse”.

Their defense alleged that the questioning was illegal testimony through threats.

They have argued that investigators mocked them by saying they would find a “good orphanage” for their young son if she were imprisoned.

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