Reaches developer version of Microsoft Edge

An unprecedented feature may be about to reach the Microsoft browser. Recently, the company rolled out an update to its developer channel Edge Insiders that brings with it the launch of vertical tabs. The novelty allows users to move them from the top of the screen to the side.

New autocomplete options, addition of share menu for sites installed as applications, and other changes are also part of build 89.0; 767.0, as well as improvements and fixes that promise to bring more reliability and stability to the solution.

See below for the full list of changes released by Microsoft itself. Then we can only wait for what will come, especially in the final version, open to the public.

Edge Insiders: browser implementations

Added the ability to automatically save and enter birthdays.
Added the ability to autocomplete to read data, such as addresses copied to the clipboard, and present them as potential autocomplete candidates when filling in the corresponding fields on a web page.
Added the Share option to the menu of sites installed as applications.
The implementation of the vertical guides has been completed.
Added a management policy to determine whether to display recommendations. Note that updates to documentation or administrative templates may not have taken place yet.
Added management policy to manage cloud policy recovery. Note that updates to documentation or administrative templates may not be available yet.

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