Rebel doctors plan BMA election coup to force strike call

Rebel junior doctors are organizing a campaign to seize power in the British Medical Association and force them to call a strike, it is said.

A faction calling for a raise that members claim has dropped about 30 percent in the past decade intends to loudly The times.

The move was coordinated on an online forum where members discussed how best to explain strikes to the public.

It came after a survey by the online group for young doctors on the Reddit website found that more than 1,000 of its members supported strike actions.

Doctors have now created a website to coordinate how pro-strike members are supposed to vote in the BMA elections in August.

In an article entitled “Can we take over the BMA? Serious question, “wrote one doctor:” Given that the current leadership clearly does not want to strike, can we actually do anything about it? I’m starting to believe we can.

“We clearly have numbers and we want the same. I think if we translate this into voting again and using our numbers, we could eliminate those losers.

“The elections for representatives appear to be won with low double-digit numbers of votes. We have the numbers in this subreddit to put people up for election and vote. The careerists don’t have the social media presence we do. We can cross them right out of the picture if we organize ourselves. “

One member replied: “At the regional level, it takes everything to swing an election. If you keep swinging it on a small local level, you will eventually have an impact on the national level. “

In a discussion on the website, the doctors discussed how the message to the public should be designed.

One said: “Everything has to be done in a way that helps the NHS and the patients, that is, we don’t want a ‘raise’, we want the conditions for interns in the UK to be internationally competitive in order to attract international medical graduates and the workforce and thus to improve the quality of care. “

Another member wrote: “Our demands are simply fair pay, adequate training protection and paid final exams. Full strike. Maximum disruption. Maximum damage. “

The BMA has been in conflict with Minister of Health Sajid Javid over his call for general practitioners to begin seeing more patients face-to-face.

Before the pandemic, around 80 percent of the consultations took place in a practice. Last month it was 57 percent.

In response, the BMA told family doctors to stop seeing new patients, claiming the government has now withdrawn part of the proposal that included “naming and shaming” ranked operations that saw too few patients in person became. Last night the government denied having made such a concession.

Dr. Sarah Hallett and Dr. Mike Kemp, Chair of the BMA Resident Medical Committee, said, “Any member is welcome to present themselves as a representative of their colleagues … and members are welcome to contact us with any concerns, suggestions or alternative approaches to our work.”

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