Recruiters produce video poking fun at 'work from home' habits in office

A cheeky recruiting company mocked the British for struggling to shake off their “work from home” habits with a “genius” video of employees walking in slippers, receiving steady deliveries from Amazon and pausing calls to bake cakes .

Lauren Hopkins, executive director of Grace Personnel, has come up with a plan to poke fun at the adjustments she and millions of other desk dwellers will have to make if the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Funny footage shows two of the 32-year-old’s employees strutting into the office in slippers before the three Zoom meetings begin, which are strangely interrupted by Amazon deliveries and baked banana bread.

Georgia Andrews-Jones, 24, is filmed “waking up seconds before work” while Justine Sargeant, 35, discusses resume feedback as she dries the laundry between her desks.

Head of Recruiting Lauren can be seen walking “silent” and even silhouetted in black across the room as if her camera were disabled – despite being meters from her colleagues in her Maidenhead, Berkshire office.

The 1-minute 30-second video posted on LinkedIn on Tuesday, May 18, has over 26,000 views, reactions, and comments.

Lauren was delighted that so many Brits heard the video but admitted that she “won’t quit her job” and will bring her slippers when she returns to the office in June.

Lauren of Tylers Green, Buckinghamshire said, “We’re not going to get BAFTA on our acting skills, but it was really relevant and I think everyone can resonate with it. There is something for everything.”

“We haven’t had too much laughing about this year so this was something to add a bit of humor to any life, but on a very topical topic that everyone is talking about.

“Whether you’re a recruiter, an employee, or a company that’s returning, it’s going to be imminent. So it’s about the habits we’ve picked up and how we go back and retrain our bodies to know that we are not at home.

“I worked from home and Amazon came twice today. I turned on my washing machine and dishwasher while I was on the phone with a customer. All of that happened, and that’s why we wanted it all there.

“We’ve all had a phone call where someone was muted and someone didn’t turn their camera on. People washed up. For some people it was great and others really want to go back.

“I wore my slippers every day. I even bought new ones to lock up and I’ll take my slippers and have them under my desk when I’m in my office. So I’ll keep doing some habits.”

Lauren and her fellow co-stars Justine and Georgia traveled to the office Thursday, May 13, with the help of marketing agency RedSprout Media to record the sketch.

Grace Personnel is an independent recruiter focused on Thames Valley with just four employees. Lauren can’t wait to celebrate successes as a team when they return to the office after June 21.

The 32-year-old boss who lives in Maidenhead posted the hilarious video on LinkedIn, subtitled “It’s been a year and we’re still dumb,” while jokingly attributing “Oscar-worthy acting” to Justine and Georgia.

Recruiter mentor Lyndsey Meredith commented, “This is AMAZING !!!!!!”

Lauren replied, “Thanks Lyndsey! Certainly better recruits than actresses, but you have to laugh at yourself every now and then, right?”

Lyndsey replied, “Total! I bet a lot of people played along with it.”

Ravinder Dhangel, investment manager in the city center, said, “This is pure genius! I love it!”

Simon Keyland added, “Awesome. Well that cheered up a boring day!”


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