Red hot summer and another Covid lockdown… 'Mystic Veg' looks ahead to 2022

A fortune teller named “Mystic Veg” who foretells the future with asparagus believes the British will enjoy a record-breaking hot summer before we plunge into an autumn lockdown again.

Jemima Packington, 64, the world’s only savings woman, claims she can see the future by throwing spears in the air.

She then bases her predictions on her interpreting how the vegetables land on the ground.

Amazingly, Jemima previously predicted Brexit, the death of Prince Philip, Theresa May’s resignation as Prime Minister and England winning the World Cricket Championship.

And in 2020, she said there was going to be a riot within the royal family as certain members stopped performing public duties before the news of Harry and Meghan broke.

This year, she believes the UK will have one of the hottest summers on record, resulting in seething stays and overcrowded beaches, as well as hose pipe bans and forest fires.

She also anticipates the country will return to another lockdown in the fall due to Covid variants and people refusing to be vaccinated.

Jemima from Bath says more people will forego fish and chips out of concern for our oceans, even as the British flock to local seaside resorts.

And she estimates that the 2021 Christmas parties will be a humble affair after realizing how much we actually enjoyed last year’s low-key lockdown celebrations.

Jemima said, “When I throw the asparagus, patterns are created and it is the patterns that I interpret. I am able to interpret the patterns that the asparagus has left behind

“I’m usually 75-90 percent accurate in my predictions. I go through my predictions every year and think, ‘Yeah, that happened, yeah, that happened.’

“Occasionally I run into something that I haven’t read quite right, but I’m never far from it.

“Brexit happened and Prince Harry had a very important announcement. I take what I do seriously, but I never take myself seriously.”

Jemima Packington, Britain's only fortune teller who used asparagus to see the future

Jemima uses fresh Worcestershire asparagus grown in the Vale of Evesham – the UK’s main supplier of the vegetables.

She takes a handful of points, tosses them in the air, and “reads” the shapes they make when they land.

She began making predictions around the age of eight – a gift she allegedly inherited from her great-aunt, who used to read tea leaves.

Last year, Jemima predicted more royal births and bereavement and was right when the Sussexes announced that Meghan was pregnant with their second child and Prince Philip was dying.

Jemima Packington, Britain's only fortune teller who used asparagus to see the future

In 2019 she correctly predicted cricket success for England, Big Brother returned to our screens and the romantic US musical “A Star is Born” won an Oscar.

It also foresaw the closure of UK household businesses ahead of the final closure of Thomas Cook and Mothercare.

Jemima also said 2019 will be a year of extreme temperatures, which is proving to be the case in the UK and around the world.

Before that, she correctly foresaw Andy Murray’s win at Wimbledon, the euro crisis and the credit crunch.

Jemima’s predictions for 2022

  • One of the hottest summers on record will mean hose bans, crowded beaches and forest fires will become the norm in the UK
  • With increasing concerns about the environmental impact of fishing, more and more people will give up fish
  • New Covid variants and vaccination hesitation will be the main causes of a lockdown in late fall, but schools will remain open
  • As people get tired of social media, the tech giants are trying to engage with people on a hyperlocal level to encourage them to come back
  • Christmas is getting more reserved and intimate as people realize that the 2020 lockdown celebrations better reflect the essence of goodwill


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