Redmi’s First Smartwatch Has Achieved Certification

Redmi’s First Smartwatch Has Achieved Certification

The first smart watch launched by Redmi, the sub-brand of the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi, appeared on the certification site today. While information about the device is not shared on the site, Redmi’s ability to have two different smartwatch models has increased.

As far as is known, the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi is not currently working on a smartwatch that will be released under the name Xiaomi. But we can’t say the same is true of the company’s Redmi sub-brand. Because the watch, which will be Redmi’s first smart watch, received a network access certificate today.

The smart watch, which came out with the model number REDMIWT01, carried a similar model number to a previously released smart watch. The product name of that smart watch with model number REDMIWT02 was Mi Watch Lite. Therefore, we can say that the smart watch with model number REDMIWT01 may not be the Lite model, but the main model.

The first smart watch from Redmi appeared:

Redmi’s first smart watch will benefit from Bluetooth technology just like any smart watch. Redmi will use a special version of MIUI developed for smart watches for its first smartwatch. The device supports the eSIM virtual map service and of course applications can be installed on the smart clock.

Unfortunately, the information we know and hear about Redmi’s first smart watch is limited to this. However, there is a strong claim about when the device could be launched. Redmi will reportedly launch its new Redmi Note 10 5G smartphone in October. Here, during this promotion, Redmi’s first smart watch will come out surprisingly.

According to some users on the internet, the smartwatch is far from the first smartwatch from Redmi. According to these users, the smart watch we saw above will be released as Xiaomi Watch under the Xiaomi name, not the Redmi name. Although this claim is quite weak, we cannot call the claim completely false as nothing is certain at this point. We will definitely have new information about the new smart watch in the coming weeks.


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