Reform the Filibuster!

Mazie Hirono, Senator from Hawaii: She is the only immigrant currently serving in the Senate, and she was the first Asian American to be elected to that office in 2013. She talks about the need for filibuster and Supreme Court reform, the January 6th storms in the capital, and her vote on Amy Coney Barrett: “Hell No.” Your new autobiography is Heart of Fire: the story of a daughter with a migrant background.

Also: Bill Gates, the second richest man in the world, has given away his money over the past 20 years – through a 50 billion dollar foundation. But who exactly did he give the money to? Tim Schwab has some answers – his three reports in The nation on the Gates Foundation has just won this year’s Izzy Award, named after I.F. Stein and by the Park Center for Independent Media at Ithaca College for “Excellence in Independent Media” in 2020.

Plus: We’re still thinking about how Dr. Seuss Enterprises sold six of his books because they contained racist drawings. Right-wing media have continued to advance this story; According to a recent poll, more Republicans said they heard “a lot” about the move, some Dr. To withdraw Seuss books as the same about Biden’s huge Covid-19 auxiliary bill. Katha Pollitt comments.

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