Remembering Rennie Davis, Remembering Joan Didion

For our last podcast in 2021, we want to remember two people who died last year and listen to our interviews with them again. Rennie Davis was arguably the most talented organizer on the New Left, best known for the Chicago 7 trial. He died on February 2 at his home outside of Boulder, Colorado. He was 80. We spoke for at an event The nation Magazine in October 2020.

Also: Joan Didion died on December 23rd – she was 87 years old. She wrote personal essays on California in the 1960s and 1970s, collected in books such as Shuffle towards Bethlehem and The white album, and then about politics and history, especially their reports in Salvador and Miami. We spoke to KPFK in Los Angeles in October 2003 when her book about her family’s California, Where i came from had just appeared.

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