Rep. Bowman calls Manchin ‘the new Mitch McConnell’

A Manchin spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Bowman’s criticism.

The remarks from Bowman – a progressive freshman lawmaker who ousted then-Representative Eliot Engel, a more moderate incumbent with 16 terms in 2020 – came after Manchin penned a comment in the Charleston Gazette-mail on Sunday announcing he would will not support the electoral reform law.

In one episode Interview on “Fox News Sunday”, Some described the For the People Act as “the wrong law to bring our country together and unite our country” and said it would “further divide” us as a nation.

Bowman denied that premise on Monday, claiming that Manchin “is not pushing us any closer to bipartisanism. He does the work of the Republican Party by being an obstructionist, just as they have been since the beginning of Biden’s presidency.

Bowman’s comparison between Manchin and McConnell referred to that of the Senate minority leader Comment to reporters last month in Kentucky that “100 percent of” [Republicans’] The focus is on stopping this new government. ”

The statement was reminiscent of another McConnell quote from 2010 when he told the National Journal that “the most important” [Republicans] want to achieve is for President Obama to be a president for a term. “

Manchin’s resistance to the Electoral Reform Act – which includes the symbolically meaningful title “H.R. 1 “in the house and” S. 1 ”in the Senate – deeply jeopardizes the fate of legislation that the Democrats had hoped would counter a wave of state-level Republican laws restricting access to voting.

And although Manchin on Sunday reiterated its support for another voting measure named after the late MP John Lewis (D-Ga.), This bill too is facing a difficult path to the Senate pass.

Complicating the Democrats’ electoral reform efforts is also Manchin’s persistent refusal to abandon the violation of the law. In his comment on Sunday, Manchin reiterated its support for the 60-vote threshold that now applies to most bills.

Former President Donald Trump, who repeatedly called on Senate Republicans to end the filibuster during his tenure when McConnell was the Senate majority leader, praised Manchin for his position on Monday. “He’s doing the right thing and it’s a very important thing,” Trump said in one Interview about Fox Business.

Bowman called the filibuster, however, a “Jim Crow, a relic of white supremacy”. He also said his office “turned to” [Manchin] several times to talk about saving and rescuing our democracy ”, but he had“ still not heard from Senator Manchin, and that was months ago ”.

“It’s easy for us to say what we’re not going to choose, what we’re not going to do,” added Bowman. “It is much more difficult to form a coalition to meet the needs of our democracy.”

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