Rep. Judy Chu ‘concerned’ Atlanta spa suspect may not be charged with hate crime

She called on the Justice Department to provide resources and a full investigation after she expressed doubts that local authorities who said the man they arrested in connection with the murders were allegedly sex addicts would treat the shootings as a hate crime .

“It shouldn’t have to fall on the Justice Department, but I want to tell you that our entire system of hate crimes in the United States is pretty flawed,” Chu said.

According to The Associated Press, federal investigators have so far found no evidence that would meet the high bar to accuse the suspect of a hate crime.

However, Georgian officials have not ruled out indicting him of a hate crime under a new state law passed last year after the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed black man, sparked outrage across the country.

During a visit to Atlanta earlier this month, President Joe Biden urged Congress to pass the Covid-19 Hate Crime Act, which aims to improve hate crime reporting and accelerate the federal government’s response to hate crimes that have increased during the pandemic.

“Our silence is complicit. We cannot be complicit, ”said Biden. We have to express ourselves. We have to take action. “

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