Rep. Max Rose deployed with National Guard to assist coronavirus response

Before he was called up by the National Guard, Rose was shoulder deep in his state’s response to the outbreak. Earlier this month, Rose helped secure New York’s first transit test site in its district.

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo activated the National Guard on March 10. As of Monday, the state reported more than 67,000 coronavirus cases and 1,200 deaths.

It is the first time since Rose’s election to Congress that Rose was sent to the National Guard. He was last called up in 2018 when he took one Two weeks vacation from the campaign exercise path.

Rose said he could return to Washington if necessary to vote on laws to combat the outbreak and the economic devastation that remained.

By April 20, the house is expected to be absent and legislators from their counties to work. The majority leader of the House of Representatives, Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), Has however pointed out that until then, votes on additional relief in connection with the outbreak are possible.

“Like many guardsmen across the country, I’m leaving my job to serve our nation. Unlike them, I can use it to vote if necessary, ”Rose wrote in a statement.

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