Republican Sean Parnell expected to run for Senate in Pennsylvania

In 2020 Parnell lost to Democratic MP Conor Lamb by around 2 percentage points. He raised nearly $ 4 million for this race and ended the campaign on March 31 with around $ 167,000 in the bank. This emerges from a recent report filed with the Federal Election Commission. A campaign spokesman for Parnell’s House confirmed his interest in a Senate run.

“Sean has received significant support and encouragement to run for the Senate across Pennsylvania,” said Ian Prior, spokesman for the 2020 Parnell campaign, in a statement as the best candidate to win in 2022 and join a new Republican Senate majority. “

Prior said Parnell did “due diligence” and “measured the terrain” before deciding to race. “But Sean understands the gravity of the need for a fighter to make sure the Pennsylvanians have a senator to hold the left agenda,” he said.

An NRSC spokesman declined to comment on the meeting.

Parnell is close to Donald Trump Jr., the son and political advisor to the former president. Trump Jr. has said before he would support Parnell for any office he sought in 2022.

A nationwide offer seems likely given his meetings with prominent senators. Parnell is too Speaking at a GOP event in May in Luzerne County, northeastern part of the state, well outside the congressional district where he served last year.

Jeff Bartos, a real estate developer and former lieutenant governor candidate, is the only top Republican currently in the running. He has more than $ 1.1 million in the bank as of March 31, according to his most recent filing with the FEC. A Super-PAC that supports him has also raised $ 750,000, POLITICO previously reported.

Several other Republicans are considering offers in the state, including former Navy Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite and former US Ambassador to Denmark, Carla Sands. Attorney Sean Gale and former congressional candidate Kathy Barnette have officially declared their candidacies.

Lamb, who defeated Parnell, is likely to step into the already overcrowded Democratic Senate primary, sparking a possible nationwide rematch between the two men.

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