Republican senators push to investigate Cuomo over New York nursing home deaths

Since last week’s report There were calls for Cuomo’s impeachment, resignation, and removal of his pandemic emergency powers. Senators stressed that the committee hearings would ensure that the Justice Department “has all the tools and resources it needs to investigate and prosecute this tragedy and the subsequent cover-up to the extent necessary”.

“However, a Justice Department investigation is rightly conducted behind closed doors and does not provide timely and public accountability to those who have made policies at the expense of the lives of American seniors living with Covid-19,” the Senators wrote.

Cruz was accompanied by eight other Republican members of the Justice Committee: Sens. Chuck Grassley from Iowa, Lindsey Graham from South Carolina, John Cornyn from Texas, Mike Lee from Utah, Josh Hawley from Missouri, Tom Cotton from Arkansas, Thom Tillis from North Carolina and Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee.

The letter also called on Judge Merrick Garland, President Joe Biden’s candidate for attorney general, to investigate the governor.

“If Judge Garland testifies before this committee, we expect he will oblige the Justice Department to fully investigate this cover-up, to determine if criminal law has been violated and to prosecute violations,” the senators wrote. “We will also ask him if he has the resources he needs to conduct a full investigation, not just on deaths in New York, but on deaths in other states that have similar guidelines that lead to the admission of COVID-19 infected people in elderly care facilities. “

Cuomo addressed the episode first on Monday when he refused to apologize for his government’s decision.

“Excuse me? I have repeatedly said we made a mistake in creating the void,” Cuomo said. “The void allowed misinformation and conspiracy, and now people are left with the thought,” Did my loved one die? ” a brutal, brutal question to ask a person. And I want everyone to know that everything has been done – everything has been done – by the best of minds in the best interest, and the last thing we wanted to do, the last thing I wanted to do, was to aggravate a terrible situation. “

On Wednesday evening, former President Donald Trump addressed the scandal in Newsmax ‘”Greg Kelly Reports” and condemned the governor.

“I see it and it’s surprising what happened in New York and we did it, we gave it [Cuomo] When we gave him the Javits Center, we gave him the ship, the big hospital ship, and basically they weren’t used, ”Trump said. “I’ve spent a lot of money and they haven’t been used … you could take the patients there. You could let people go, it would have saved a lot of lives. That’s a shame.”

Matthew Choi contributed to this report.

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