Republicans forging ahead with Charlotte convention

As both parties say they are moving forward, other major summer events are canceled or delayed. The Tokyo Summer Olympics were only postponed to next year.

Republican officials have worked behind the scenes to prepare for Congress, raise funds, and build a relationship with Charlotte’s Democratic Mayor.

The Republicans have so far received $ 51 million in commitments to the convention. The party has set a goal of $ 65 million by the end of June, although it is unclear how the public health crisis will affect fundraising.

Louis DeJoy, a North Carolina businessman who serves as CFO for the Charlotte Host Committee, has emerged as a major donor to the convention, according to people familiar with the fundraisers. DeJoy, a long-time Republican donor, was a top financer of the President’s political operation.

While previous conventions were based on local government grants, Republicans this year focused on large donors and large corporations. Party officials say they are in a much better financial position than in 2016. Shortly before this year’s Konfab, organizers pleaded with Republican mega donor Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam for a $ 6 million cash infusion.

The organizers have designed topics that they would like to highlight during the multi-day event. They are planning a “Made in America” market with stands for American companies that have benefited financially from Trump’s economic policy.

Trump, a former reality TV star who focuses intensely on the production of his rallies and events, was kept up to date on the planning of the event. He has had several talks with RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel and other high-ranking Republicans about the convention.

The event was a source of controversy. Some officials in the liberal-minded city initially expressed concern about the direction of the congress and last year about the Charlotte City Council passed a resolution that condemns the president. But people familiar with congress planning say Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles was cooperative.

National party conventions usually meet as a stroke of luck for the host cities, and Confab Charlotte is expected to benefit financially.

During the event in Charlotte, the contracting states adapt the planned conventions, which are determined by the national delegates. Several states, such as Colorado and Kansas, have changed the format of their conventions to digitally focus them. Other states like Texas, Virginia, and Washington have postponed their conventions.

Earlier this month, the RNC’s legal adviser distributed a memo stating that the party rules “allow for some flexibility with a contracting state that manages its nomination processes for delegates and presidents during an emergency.”

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