Research By American Scientists: Made Powerful Wasp Antibiotic Drug With Wasp Venom, It Will Eliminate TB Bacteria That Other Medicines Are Not Effective.

University of the Pennsylvania University of America has developed antibiotics. This will help treat TB and sepsis bacteria.

Antibiotic is prepared from wasp venom. American scientists have developed antimicrobial molecules that eliminate bacteria unaffected by drugs. According to the University of the Pennsylvania University of America, which produces the molecule, the drug prepared from it will treat the dangerous bacteria of tuberculosis and sepsis.
The choice of the drug that neutralizes the bacteria

According to published research, scientists in the journal National Academy of Sciences extracted a small portion of the protein from the venom of the Asian, Korean, and Vespula wasp. According to the change, drug molecules have an increased ability to eliminate bacteria, on which drugs prove ineffective.

Research on rats

Studies in rats have shown that the bacteria that are not affected by the drug have an effect on them.

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Scientists say there is a current need for new antibiotics that can eliminate drug-resistant bacteria as the number of cases of this type of infection is on the rise. We think the molecules released from the poison will act as a new type of antibiotic.

Such prepared drugs

According to research, Mastoparan-L peptide has been isolated from wasp venom. It increases blood pressure and is highly toxic to humans, making the situation vulnerable. By reducing its effect, it made so much change that it would act as a poison for bacteria. No clinical studies have yet been conducted on this. How safe it is for humans

Experiments with these bacteria

Scientists tried the drug on the bacteria E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus present in the rat. 80% of the mice were alive when tested for the new drug. But mice overdosed on this drug showed side effects. Research has shown that this drug may prove to be an alternative to gentamicin as the number of resistant bacteria increases.

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