Research reveals exactly three-quarters of Brits say aroma can transform mood

Smell-conscious Brits believe that the scent of a sweet aroma can change their mood, according to new research.

And well over half believe that an attractive smell can make them feel calmer when experiencing emotions such as sadness, stress, or anger.

New findings from Air Wick Essential Mist reveal the fascinating results. Exactly three quarters of those surveyed say that aroma can revolutionize their feelings.

Exactly six in ten believe that their smell can make them feel calmer, while more than a quarter (27 percent) say that aroma can make them happier every day.

Well over half of those surveyed (57 percent) believe that a fragrance product can have a positive effect on their mood. Research on the UK’s # 1 portable electronic diffuser, Air Wick Essential Mist, shows the extent to which Brits rely on smells and scents to aid their emotional wellbeing.

Senior Fragrance Expert Karen Gilbert said, “Fragrances and scents can have a transformative effect on our mood, our emotions, and our sense of the world around us.

“Lavender helps with relaxation, fruity and citrus notes create excitement, and vanilla and jasmine help us feel calmer and less stressed.

“We can see from the Air Wick Essential Mist research that many of us understand the importance of a sense of smell when asked, but often fail to appreciate its effects on our wellbeing.”

Research from Air Wick Essential Mist also shows how nearly three in ten (28 percent) associate the smell of flowers with happiness, while nearly a third (31 percent) believe the touch of chocolate makes them happier every day.

And almost a third of Britons (32 percent) consider a nice fragrance to be essential at home. 35 percent of respondents say that they feel most relaxed with a lavender scent.

But coffee is the aroma of choice when you want to be the most productive. More than one in ten (13 percent) associate the caffeinated hot drink with completing tasks.

Fourteen percent say weed makes them most nostalgic, and Air Wick Essential Mist is now urging the nation to use scent to create more positive atmospheres in their daily lives.

Cigdem Kurtulus, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer of RB UK & Ireland added, “The study shows that essential oils can directly affect our mood and have amazing effects on our wellbeing and mood.

“With our new essential mist diffusers, we have created an easy way to increase our emotional wellbeing, relax and unwind through our selection of fragrances infused with natural essential oils.”

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