Research Reveals The Importance Of WhatsApp For Brazilian Retailers

whatsapp: A recent survey by the Loja Integrada digital commerce creation platform shows that approximately 75% of small and medium-sized retailers use whatsapp as a direct sales channel — in addition to the online store.

The survey conducted among 3,060 digital entrepreneurs in Brazil between May and June 2021 via an internet survey also concluded that the messenger is used as the main service tool by 68% of respondents – Instagram comes right after with 15%, while e mail comes in third, at 5.6%.

“Because it’s free, the app is on the mobile phone of almost all Brazilians. For the entrepreneur, one of the main advantages of using the tool is the ability to create campaigns and promotions that are sent automatically. In addition, with the app it is possible to check statistics and run a service in near real time,” explains Gustavo Ruchaud, marketing director of Loja Integrada.

What to do if WhatsApp crashes?

This Monday (4) Facebook services including the messenger went down due to instability in the world and they were offline for about 7 hours. With this in mind, Ruchaud gave 3 tips to guide traders in limiting losses from possible falls in the future.

Even with WhatsApps immediacy, it is necessary to humanize the relationship with customers and develop service standards. “In addition, creating communication via e-mail can be a way to formalize the processes. In this case, a tip is to inform your users about the instability and leave other forms of contact available until the situation is regularized,” explains the professional.
Another way to avoid nuisance is to integrate communication channels with sales by leveraging the retailer’s customer base and avoiding leaving whatsapp as the only channel. “Investing in store promotion on other platforms, such as Google and YouTube, can keep the store going,” he added.
The specialist believes that entrepreneurs should not be held hostage to just one platform, but should focus on new ways to engage customers. As an example, he cites Telegram, which has grown in Brazil, and its own communication channels with chatbots or conversation tools with consumers, if the goal is e-commerce.

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